5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Your Baby

How To Get Your Home Ready For Baby

A baby is on the way! Time to get the diapers, the crib, carseat, stroller and bottles ready. While getting everything ready for baby, don’t forget that your home needs to be prepared as well. A few quick tips will help you get your home baby-ready before your little bundle of joy arrives: 

A Quiet Room

This may or may not be the baby’s nursery, but one thing every new baby, and parent, needs is a quiet room. Hang blackout curtains to keep the room dark during the day so baby and parents can relax whenever an opportunity to nap presents itself. Find a way to drown out the noise of the world with a sound machine or white noise maker. Having a nice, quiet place for baby to sleep and parents to relax will be a lifesaver during the first few months.

Baby Proof

If your pre-baby house is adorned with lovely furniture and decor, it might be time to evaluate how safe the surroundings are for baby. Metal, glass and anything with sharp edges needs to be removed. If it is something you are not comfortable parting with, put it away for safe keeping until the little one is older, or attach rubber guards to soften the edges. 

Stock the Kitchen

One thing you will not have much time for is cooking every night. Get your pantry, fridge and freezer stocked before baby arrives to help get you through the first couple of weeks. Buy frozen meals, cook and freeze your own meals or ask friends and family to give you gift cards for local restaurants that can be used after baby’s arrival. 

Safety First

Securing furniture that could easily tip and fall is a number one priority, especially as baby starts to move around. Make sure to cover electric sockets and cabinets in reach. Check for accessible cords, wires, magnets and appliances. It is a good idea to crawl around the house and see what things baby might be able to get into.

Always in Sight 

It can be difficult to keep an eye on baby if he or she is sleeping. While it is important to always monitor a baby, you can’t be everywhere all the time. Find a great baby monitor with video feature so you can check in on baby and respond quickly. Some monitors even have intercoms so you can speak to baby.

Taking Care

Baby Mantra is a great resource for getting everything you need for baby’s skin. With organic baby skin care products like baby rash ointment and EWG baby lotion, new parents can easily stock up on the essentials so everything is ready to go by the time your little one arrives.

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