10 Fun Activities To Do With Kids In The Winter

Winter Activities To Do With Your Baby

Whether you live in a place with wintery snow, or cold sunshine, there are winter activities with kids you can enjoy this season. The following are some ideas for spending family time together this winter:

1. Play in the Snow

Build a snowman or go sledding, or just play in the snow! If you live where there’s snow, this may be as easy as going outside. If you don’t, think about heading to a mountain area for a little snow play.

2. Watch a Parade

Depending on where you are in the world, you may have one of the famous parades nearby that you can watch in person or you might need to tune in via television. Either way, kids love watching floats, marching bands, and other parade participants, so enjoy this activity together.

3. Go Somewhere Warm 

If you’re in the middle of extreme winter weather, consider traveling to somewhere warm. Maybe a desert or a beach? Get a change of scenery this winter and you may just appreciate your snow more when you come home. 

4. Watch Winter Movies

There are many delightful winter and holiday-themed movies you can watch as a family. Why not have a movie marathon? If you want, lay sleeping bags out all over the floor and cuddle together as you watch. 

5. View Winter and Holiday Lights

Most of the winter holidays may be over, but many people keep their holiday lights up well into January. So, go for a winter and holiday lights drive with your children.

6. Bake Some Sweet Treats

Gather the kiddies together for some winter baking and treat making. Some kid-approved sweets include PETA’s, or Pumpkin Spiced Cupcakes and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

7. Build a Fort

Stay warm during wintertime by building a massive fort in your living room. Pile your coziest blankets and pillows on top of each other, and then make an impressive teepee or other covering for your fort.

8. Go Ice Skating

Many cities have amazing public ice skating rinks, so give one a try with your little ones this winter. For those of you who have snow in your yard, take a shot at creating your own personal ice rink.

9. Make a Winter Brunch

Wake up, light a cozy fire, and then get your kids together to prepare a nice winter brunch for the entire family. Nava Atlas’ VegKitchen has some wonderful brunch recipes you can your children can make together.

10. Go on a Magical Mountain Vacation

Book a mini or extended vacation to a magical mountain retreat. Find a charming hotel, bed and breakfast, or cabin that’s kid-friendly, and take the little ones on a wintry, snowy adventure.

Winter Activities With Kids – There are No Limits!

These are just some of the winter activities with kids that you can enjoy this season. Let your imagination run wild and choose activities that will allow you to spend some special time together during a merry time of year. And, when you pack for any trips you’ll be taking, remember to make sure your Baby Mantra organic baby skin care products are in your suitcase. Whether you hit the sun or snow, you’ll need your EWG baby lotion, and maybe even our diaper rash cream, which parents agree is the best natural diaper rash cream there is! 

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