Coconut Benefits

Coconut is perfect for use in baby products because it offers gentle hydration without overloading skin and hair with excessive ingredients, and it offers natural help with issues that delicate little bodies and sometimes face. The many coconut benefits for baby wash include relief of dry skin and eczema, aid in comforting babies when massaged into the skin, and assistance with treatment of mild skin rashes and burns.

Coconut Benefits in Baby Products

Coconut is a sweet-smelling natural ingredient that also has a clean aroma. But, it can be used in a manner that’s naturally and gently refined in order to bypass the signature smell and still deliver amazing benefits. Coconut benefits, beyond an earthy fragrance, include the ability to hydrate the skin naturally, some antimicrobial properties that help keep skin healthy, and protection for the skin when in contact with environmental stressors.

Coconut Oil in Baby Products

Babies’ skin is sensitive, which means that only gentle products should be used on it to clean, soften, and help heal. Coconut oil from fresh coconuts is an ideal gentle ingredient for cleaning, hydrating, and treating various skin issues. Infants’ skin and hair benefits tremendously from the use of coconut oil, which is why Baby Mantra infuses many of its baby body care and hair care with this plant-based ingredient. Our coconut oil conditioner, for instance, leaves little ones’ locks feeling and looking amazing. Dry and itchy scalps can also benefit from our coconut oil conditioner.

Within Baby Mantras line of organic products for babies, you’ll notice that we turn to coconut quite often. We love the fact that nature has provided parents with a pure source of cleansing, care, and healing that can be used in shampoos, conditioners, bath washes, and lotions. We’re happy to be able to share some of the earth’s amazing bounty with you and your children.