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First Day of Daycare

Your little one is ready for a huge milestone, their first day of daycare!  As a parent, you are likely mixed with emotions and asking a lot of “what if” questions in your head.  Below are some tips to make your little one’s first day of daycare as stress free...

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Going on a Road Trip!

             Your family has planned a vacation and the day finally arrives to take a road trip!  As much as you plan ahead, always plan for the unexpected.  When you are traveling with your little one, be sure s/he is fitting snug in the carseat and properly buckled up.  It...

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Baby’s First Shot

When your little one turns two-months, s/he will need to get their first vaccination.  You will go through a wide range of emotions during this vaccination process:  from sadness, compassion, helplessness, to sympathy.  Just remember, the benefits of your little one taking this vaccination far outweigh the cons and administering...

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First Teeth

Is your little one putting their hands in their mouth?  Is your child salivating a lot?  These are all signs of your baby teething.  Baby teeth come out at various times with the first tooth usually coming around 6 months of age (see diagram below). Some tips for soothing your...

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Maintaining Regularity

As a parent, do you often times ask yourself the following questions: Why hasn’t my baby pooped today? Will my baby take 1 or 2 naps before going to bed? Why did my baby take a catnap as opposed to the regular 1-2 hrs? Why is my child not eating...

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