New mom’s guide to baby massage


Just became a first-time mom? Congratulations on your new arrival. Motherhood comes with unlimited happiness, joy and surprises. An essential component of motherhood is developing a bond with your baby. Research shows that a strong bond between a mother and her baby results in normal infant development. After all, all moms want the best for their babies due to their unconditional love.

Massage is an effective way to develop an intense attachment with a baby. It also enables mothers to express their love, care and affection for their bundle of joy. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. Read on to learn other benefits of baby massage:

Baby massage benefits

Relaxes, soothes and calms

Infant massage is relaxing and soothing. Not only will your baby will feel at ease, massage is also therapeutic for mothers. The power of touch can’t be denied. It’s a natural way to relieve stress for both you and your baby. This is because touch is known to reduce the level of stress hormone called Cortisol in our bodies. At the same time, your baby's muscles relax.

Improves communication

Physical contact is a form of communication. Massage is, therefore, a great way to interact with your infant. As newborns can’t speak, massage enhances your ability to understand their special needs and respond appropriately,

Helps baby sleep better

Coupled with all the joys of motherhood, be prepared for many sleep nights. Giving your newborn baby a massage can release their stress. Massage allows them to relax, which helps them sleep better for longer periods of time.

Stimulates growth and development

Regular massage is essential for a baby’s physical, mental and emotional development. It also helps improve your baby’s digestion as their immune system is stimulated with each stroke. Thus, babies gain healthy weight.Moreover, massage stimulates a baby’s cognitive development and brain power.

How to massage your baby

Initially, massage your infant’s legs until they get used to the sensations.

Once they get the hang of it, develop a routine pattern. Infant massage covers a baby’s legs, arms, hands, and body.

Always use gentle, rhythmic strokes.

Use a tiny bit of baby oil and glide over your baby’s skin. Be very gentle. Make sure to rub it between your palms. Start with the baby’s legs and then work your way up to their calves and thighs. Squeeze them lightly.

Next are the baby’s chest and tummy. Place your hands against the center of your baby’s body. Massage gently. Move your hands towards the baby’s sides. Your hands should still be flat. Then use your fingertips to stroke outward. Stroke in small circles. Move onto your baby’s arms, hands, wrists and fingers. Continue the same movements as long as the baby seems to be enjoying it.

Things to keep in mind...

Talk or sing to your infant to make the most of the massage. Also, pick a suitable time that is between feeds. Your baby should be neither hungry nor full. Avoid giving them a massage just before a nap. A good time is when your baby is awake so that they interact with you. But you can give them a massage before bedtime for them to sleep peacefully.

Another important factor to consider is the type of baby lotion you use. Avoid using conventional baby care products as these products may contain harmful chemicals that have an adverse affect on your baby’s delicate skin. At Baby Mantra, we deeply care about your baby’s health, comfort and safety. That’s why we offer a wide range of organic baby products, including baby lotions and massage oils, for sale. Our calming massage oil is NPA Certified, gluten free, allergy tested and PETA certified, thereby making them suitable for infants and babies. It is also light, non-greasy and has a soft aroma.

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