How to bathe a newborn

One of life’s most enjoyable yet daunting experiences is giving a newborn bath. Most individuals, especially first-time parents, struggle initially while bathing a newborn. It can indeed be an overwhelming, nerve-wracking experience if your newborn hates baths.

Although bathing is a good way to keep your baby clean, you don’t need to do it every day. You can wash your newborn’s face, neck, hands and bottom instead. This method is known as “topping and tailing."

Topping and tailing: How to do it right

Step #1:Hold your baby on your knee. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can lay your baby on a changing mat.

Step #2: Gently take off your baby’s clothes. Don’t take off their nappy and vets yet. Also, wrap your baby in a towel.

Step #3:Dip a piece of cotton wool in a tub of clean water. Be careful though. Make sure it doesn’t get too wet. Also, the water should be mild. Now wipe gently around your baby's eyes (from the nose outward). Always use a new piece of cotton wool for each eye to avoid infections.

Step # 4:Take a fresh piece of cotton wool and clean your baby's ears. However, don’t clean the insides. Simply wrap the cotton wool around their ears. Do not use cotton buds to clean your newborn’s ears.

Step # 5:Wipe the rest of your baby's body (face, neck and hands) in the same way as mentioned above.

Step # 6: Use a clean baby towel to dry your baby’s body.

Step # 7: Take off the nappy and wash your baby's bottom and genital area. Once again, use only fresh cotton wool piece and warm water. Thereafter, dry the baby’s bottom with a towel and put on a clean nappy.  

If you baby enjoys bath time, here is how to give them a bathe safely:

First off, arrange everything beforehand. You will need a tub of warm water, cotton wool, a towel, afresh nappy, new clothes and of course, a mild baby shampoo, soap, and baby lotion. You can give your baby a bath in the bathroom sink as well.

It’s a good idea to invest in natural baby lotion, shampoo, and other skin care products. This is because newborns have soft, sensitive skin. Conventional baby care products contain harsh chemicals that have an adverse impact on a newborn’s soft skin. Check out Baby Mantra’s baby products to get access to 100 % natural, organic, allergy-tested baby skin care products.

Newborn bath guide

  • Make sure the water is warm, not hot. The best way to do this is by mixing cold and hot water in the bath first. Always check it on your wrist. Also remember to wash your hands.
  • Fill the bathtub with about 5inches (or less) of water. Ideally, the water needs to cover your newborn’s shoulders.
  • Hold your baby on your knee and clean their face.
  • Wash your newborn baby’s hair with water and a mild shampoo (such as Baby Mantra’s natural baby shampoo).
  • Now dry your baby’s hair. Undress their nappy. Clean any mess.
  • Lower your baby gently into the bathtub or sink. Hold their upper arm with one hand. Use your other hand to provide support to your baby’s head and shoulders.
  • Keep an eye on the baby’s head. Use your hand to swish the water over your baby. You need to swish, not splash water.
  • Take your baby out of the bath. Pat them dry with a towel. Pay attention to the creases in their skin.
  • Give your baby a relaxing massage after bath. A massage helps newborns sleep well. 
  • Never ever leave your baby alone in bath. Not even for a second. Newborns can drown easily.
  • Do talk to your baby during bath time. It will help them relax.
  • Give them a bath when you are free.
  • Try giving your baby a bath when they are fully awake and content.
  • Avoid a bath straight after a feed, or when they are hungry.

Bath baby: Do’s and don’ts

Bathing a newborn does not necessarily have to be difficult. Follow the above-mentioned steps to make bathing fun and easy.

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