Fast-Acting Diaper Rash Remedies for an Active Baby

No matter how careful parents and caregivers may be, pretty much all babies encounter a diaper rash a least once within the first five years of their lives.

This is a common irritation that presents itself with a redness and possibly itchy raised bumps. These rashes are usually caused when sensitive skin rubs with wet diapers, and chafes.

How to Manage a Diaper Rash

It can be difficult to see a baby in pain and diaper rashes can be particularly uncomfortable, making babies fussy and difficult to deal with.

Expose the rash to air and leave the diaper off for as long as possible. Wash the affected area with soap after every bowel movement and remove the diapers as soon as possible after one.

Try not to use wipes as the alcohol will hurt the little one’s bottom. Instead, keep warm wet washcloths handy. A diaper rash cream like the Baby Mantra Diaper Rash Ointment should be applied after every wash and dry.

There are plenty of creams and ointments available to help cure diaper rashes. At Baby Mantra we use a different approach than other manufacturers. Instead of using clinical strength chemicals, Baby Mantra’s Diaper Rash Ointment is made of soothing all-natural, organic ingredients such as sunflower oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to help revive inflamed skin from the painful condition.

If nothing seems to improve the situation, the rash may have developed a fungus or bacterial infection. It’s a good idea to visit a doctor and get prescription strength medication to relieve the rash.

In the meanwhile, continue to use ointments and creams on the affected area to provide the poor baby with whatever relief possible.

When to See Your Pediatrician

Consult with your doctor about a severe diaper rash that just isn’t going away.

It is a smart idea to change the baby’s diaper every few hours, whether you find it wet or dry. Also keep an eye out on the rash. Examine it often to see if the ointment is working. If you notice it developing yeast, seborrhea or impetigo, or if it starts looking like an allergy rash, it’s time to get a more direct treatment. A pediatrician can help pinpoint if food allergies are causing the rash or if it’s an adverse reaction to some other medicine.

Always use skin-friendly all-natural, natural baby care products to ensure the health and comfort of baby skin. Check out our range of natural baby skin care right here!

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