5 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Baby

The significance of bonding with your baby can’t be emphasized enough. Experts believe that bonding with your little one, especially during the first few months, leads to normal infant development.

At Baby Mantra we believe, creating a strong bond with your child has a lasting impact on them. It strengthens your relationship with them. But, bonding doesn’t come naturally for some. Every parent has a different bonding experience with his or her infant.

If you’re looking for some effective tips to create a solid bond with your new bundle of joy, here are a few:


One of the most natural ways to bond, breastfeeding offers many benefits for both babies and mothers. It’s important to understand that breastfeeding doesn’t always come easily. This is especially true for first-time moms.

However, when you breastfeed, your baby doesn’t fulfill their nutrition needs, they can practically feel your heartbeat, smell your scent, etc. The physical contact is reassuring to a baby and solidifies a mother-baby bond.


Massage helps develop an attachment with your baby. It allows you to express love and affection for your child. In fact, it also relaxes and helps babies sleep better.

In addition, it’s believed that infants – especially premature and those with medical problems – may respond to infant massage. Thus, set a regular time for massaging your baby.

Take a bath with your baby

Bathing with your baby is a great bonding time. A side from establishing a bond with your child, you won’t have to give them a bath separately. The contact between a mother and her child during bath time soothes and relaxes a baby.

Sing or read

Another easy way to develop a bond is by singing or reading to your newborn baby. Hearing your voice will calm them down. Maintain eye contact every time you sing or read to them.

Go for a stroll

Take your baby out for a walk. However, make sure it’s not too hot outside. The fresh air is beneficial for both you and your bundle of joy. In addition, you will get some exercise. Talk to your baby while walking.

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