5 Myths About Exercising When Pregnant

Myths About Exercising During Pregnancy

There once was a time when women were urged to refrain from physical activity during pregnancy. Luckily, many medical and fitness experts have spent time studying exercise during pregnancy, and it has been found that there are many benefits for women and their unborn child. However, there are a lot of pregnancy exercising myths out there to be aware of: 

Myth: Abdominal Workouts can be Dangerous During Pregnancy 

Strengthening your core, especially your pelvic floor, can help aid during the labor and the delivery of your child. Although if you are in your first trimester it is recommended to avoid exercises on your back, try seated breathing, contracting, and releasing the abs and pelvic tilts while standing.

Myth: Exercising can Take Nutrients Away From Your Baby

A common pregnancy exercising myth debates whether or not babies will be deprived of nutrients if moms exercise during pregnancy. Exercising will not affect the nutrients your baby needs. It is important to eat frequently to keep blood sugar levels balanced.

Myth: If You Didn’t Exercise Before Pregnancy, Now is Not a Safe Time to Start

If you were not a triathlete before pregnancy, now is not an ideal time to start training. However, low impact exercises like swimming and walking are safe to do.

Myth: If You Experience Pain or Spotting, You Should Stop Exercising During Pregnancy

If you experience pain or dizziness, you should take a break from exercising until you consult your doctor. This does not mean that you have to quit exercising for the rest of the pregnancy. Pay close attention to how your body reacts while exercising and keep your doctor informed. 

Myth: Pregnant Women Should Not get Their Heart Rate up Over 130

This is one of the most debated pregnancy exercising myths. Rather than focusing on the heart rate, it’s more critical to monitor your rate of exertion. Keep an eye on how hard you are working and how it makes you feel.

Make sure to consult with your doctor about exercising during your pregnancy. As you prepare your body and home for the arrival of your baby, don’t forget to add organic baby bath products to your baby registry, like our baby shea butter and baby massage oil.

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