5 Tips for Newborn Skincare

Newborn Skincare

Nothing is more important to you than ensuring the safety and proper care of your newborn’s skin. This is why it is so important that you understand the difference between products that are being touted as the best baby skincare products available.

Some of the biggest names in family skincare are being outed for their harmful ingredients. The scary thing is, these ingredients are even in their products for newborn skincare.

The best skincare products are those that are EWG VERIFIED TM, NPA certified, and contain only natural and organic ingredients. Every Baby Mantra product has been rated “1” on EWG’s Skin Deep

When it comes sensitive and gentle skin, here are 5 tips for newborn skincare that will ensure that your baby’s skin will remain hydrated, clean, and most of all – healthy.

  1. Bathing – It is natural to want to give your baby a bath frequently to ensure they’re clean. But what you may not know is that frequent bathing can actually result in overly dry skin. This can also aggravate eczema. Bathing should never exceed 3 times a week until they turn at least one-year-old. More than that will strip your baby’s natural oil, leaving their skin vulnerable.

    You have to keep in mind that unless your baby is out working all day or in the gym preparing for the big game, he or she probably doesn’t get that dirty during the day. The most you probably have to worry about ranges from a little drool to an explosive diaper change.

  2. Baby’s Clothes – Your baby’s skin is very sensitive, as you may already know. But did you know that cute little outfit you saw hanging on the shelf has probably been through the hands of hundreds of people? It has probably even been tried on dozens of babies before being placed back on the shelf. Among other reasons, baby clothes have probably even been treated before leaving the manufacturer.

    It is for these reasons that all garments, especially bedding and burping towels, be washed in a fragrance and dye-free baby detergent before ever touching your baby’s skin.

  3. Check Diapers Regularly – One of the most sensitive areas of your baby is the diaper region. This area here is also subject to, well… potty. Urine and feces contain contaminants that can irritate sensitive newborn skin. Lengthy exposure can even lead to a red and inflamed rash, or even rawness.

    Checking – and changing – diapers regularly will help to ensure that your baby’s delicate skin is not exposed to harsh elements for long durations. However, if you do notice a rash forming, the best skincare products for newborns includes Natural Diaper Rash Ointment from Baby Mantra.

  4. Pat, Don’t Rub – When you change your baby’s diaper or after a bath, most parents rub their baby down with a soft towel. This would also be a mistake. Rubbing your baby down can lead to skin irritation, redness, and even result in inflammation.

    When your baby needs to be dried, even after you changed a diaper, let them air dry. Your baby shouldn’t get too cold during this time, because they shouldn’t be exposed to cold air anyway. A warm room is perfect for a little natural air drying. When you do use a soft towel, be sure to pat baby dry – never rub. Especially if the area already has a rash or redness. This will help baby’s skin heal, and keep baby’s skin soft and safe.

  5. 5. Give Baby a Massage – Massaging your baby regularly has amazing benefits. While there are far too many to list here, some of the most notable benefits are:

    • Natural Calming Massage Lotion can keep your baby's skin hydrated, healthy and smooth while keeping your baby calm and relaxed.
    • Massaging creates a bond between parent and child.
    • Massaging allows you to know your baby's skin better, making it easier to notice any changes.
    • Massages boost your baby's immune system.

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