5 Ways to Soothe Your Baby

Ways to Soothe Your Baby

It’s 3:30 am. You hear baby crying, and you just put them to sleep about 45 minutes ago.

Welcome to parenthood!

Seriously though, I know you are tired – we all get tired taking care of our newborn. For the most part, it is just a part of the natural order of things. Babies cry.

However, it isn’t all said and done. There are steps we can take to help sooth our little bundle of joy when they get a case of the fussies.

Baby's Cry

When your baby cries, they are trying to tell you something. Since they lack verbal representation, they communicate through non-verbal cues. The smallest things can have big meanings.

Hand eating is sometimes believed to be the first sign of hunger, when in actuality, it is the second stage of hunger. Even uncontrolled smiles, which are often believed to signify nothing, can actually be a sign of contentment. And sometimes, your baby just needs to be soothed, simply wanting to feel a warm touch.

Knowing the differences between verbal cues will help you to understand what your baby is feeling, and what to do next.

For those moments of fussiness, here are 5 ways to soothe your baby:

  1. Place Them on Their Side or Stomach – Sometimes when your baby is feeling a little fussy, placing them on their side or stomach can sometimes sooth them. While this should never be done with a sleeping baby, holding them in this position for soothing can help them to feel more secure.

    Simply hold them in this position, and even rock them from side to side, until they are content. The positioning may seem odd, but your baby loves it.

  2. Shushing Your Baby – No, this isn’t mean or insensitive. Baby’s actually love to be shushed! However, there is actually a logical reason for this; your blood. Yes, you heard that right. Mommy’s blood.

    You see, when your baby was developing in your womb, all the way until the moment of birth, your baby was subjected to the sound of blood as it rushed through your body. This was not a quiet event. In fact, it was as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Your baby heard this sound around the clock, and it made a shushing sound as it flowed. Simply making a loud shushing sound into your baby’s ear (being careful not to blow air directly into their ear) can help make them feel soothed and relaxed.

  3. A Baby Swing – Yes, this one is an easy one. Place your baby into their swing. But why does this work? It works because your baby swung from side to side in mommy’s womb for 9 months. This feeling is familiar and soothing. Next time your baby is feeling a bit fussy, swinging just might work.

  4. Suckling – Your baby loves to suckle. Sometimes parents believe that their baby is always hungry, when it fact, they are just looking for something to suckle on. This is a great soothing mechanism for baby’s. Whether it is their thumb or a pacifier, giving them something to suckle on – other than a bottle – can have a great soothing effect.

  5. Massaging with Calming Lotion – Giving your baby a massage with calming baby lotion has a great many benefits. It is a fantastic bonding experience for both parent and child. It promoted positive blood flow for baby. It boosts the immune system and even helps to fight disease.

But what many parents may not know, is that without touch, babies cannot thrive.

Baby’s need touch to live, to be healthy, and to feel soothed and content. However, using just any lotion is not recommended. Use only lotions or oils with organic ingredients. Organic ingredients ensure no harsh chemicals come into contact with your baby’s delicate skin. Baby Mantra’s Calming Massage Oil is perfect for helping your baby find relief and comfort, while offering only natural ingredients. It is easily the best oil for newborn baby. The same can be said about Baby Mantra’s Calming Lotion. When it comes time to soothe your baby, give your baby what they deserve – natures best.

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