Gender Reveal Ideas: Even you will be Shocked! Pt.1

Revealing your baby’s gender can be one of the happiest and most shocking moments in your life. But what about gender reveal events? What if you want to be as surprised as everyone else? This gender reveal idea will ensure that even you will be shocked!

Gender Reveal

A gender reveal usually happens anywhere between the 14th and 20th week of your pregnancy, usually during an anatomy scan. If the timing is right, if the baby is either active enough, or in the right position, your sonogram technician should be able to tell you the gender. Now, most places prohibit a technician from given you a percentage of correctness, or telling you with absolute certainty, but a skilled technician should not have any issues discerning the baby’s gender.

Nowadays, it is common for a gender reveal to be a family event. Sometimes expecting parents throw a party and invite all of their friends and family. Sometimes the mother is the one who reveals the baby’s gender to everyone in some grand fashion. But what if the mother would like to be surprised along with everyone else?

Gender Cake Reveal

When it comes to gender reveal ideas, there are numerous ways you can go about doing it. One exciting way to allow for everyone – including mommy – to be surprised, is called, The Gender Cake Reveal. This one is great and easy to manage (if you can wait!).

First, set a day for the reveal party, and choose a great company to make your gender reveal cake. Contact them and let them know your plans. Let them know that you will need the cake to be pink inside for a girl, or blue inside for a boy. Make sure it is well frosted so you have no idea the color of the cake!

Note: Before you go to your sonogram appointment, drink plenty of water! This will help make the baby active. Let your technician know what your plans are as soon as you arrive.

Make sure they know not to tell you the gender, and not to let anyone see the screen during the scan. After the scan is complete, have your technician print on the sonogram picture whether it is a boy or a girl. They will usually do this anyway, but a friendly reminder never hurts. Have them fold the image and hand it to you. Put it directly in your purse, wallet, etc.

Take this picture to your chosen cake maker. Simply hand the cake maker the image, and have them write down the gender on a separate piece of paper. They will tell you when to come back and pick up your cake.

Now for the big day! A gender reveal party should be fun for people of all ages. Kids can be present, and guys, too! This isn’t a baby shower where only the girls attend. In fact, a baby shower should come after the big reveal. This way, everyone knows the baby’s gender when picking out gifts.

When it is time for the big reveal, have everyone gather round. Either mommy or mommy and daddy can share the knife. Slowly (in order to build tension!) make your first cut through the cake. And now your second cut, for a triangular shape. Slide the knife or spatula under the piece, and slowly pull it outward and……Voila!!! Your baby’s gender is now revealed!

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