Pregnancy Backaches: Finding Relief

There is nothing worse than being far enough along in your pregnancy with a backache that just won’t go away! Find out about causes, ways to prevent it, and how to get relief from backaches and more.

Pregnancy Backaches

So here you are in your second or third trimester, and you have a backache. You know the kind, the feeling like your back needs to be popped, but you are scared because of how pregnant you are. There are few things worse during your pregnancy than that, other than heartburn, morning sickness, headaches, and well, you get the picture! Yes, you are going to experience some ups and downs, but there are definitely the upsides, too. Not to mention the fact that once it is all over, your new arrival is going to make you absolutely forget about any uncomfortable moments you may have had while you were pregnant.

Causes of Backaches

The cause of your backaches are more than likely due to the expanding of your uterus. That’s right, you can blame them on your uterus! You see, as your uterus expands, it weakens your abdominal muscles, and changes your center of gravity. This causes your posture to also change, putting pressure and strain on your back – mostly your mid to lower back.

This can continue by putting pressure against sensitive nerve endings. Let’s also not forget to mention the fact that as your baby grows, so do you. This added baby weight will further shift your center of gravity, causing you to lean back more to keep balance. This act alone is enough to cause some serious discomfort on your back.

Now let’s take a look at the hormonal changes you are experiencing throughout your pregnancy. Certain hormones which are meant to relax specific areas of your body in order to accommodate a growing fetus also actually relaxes areas that bring about major discomfort in joints and ligaments. We are talking about the ones that connect your spine to your pelvis. The more you move, the more you are bound to feel varying levels of discomfort. But don’t worry! All hope is not lost.

Types of Backache

There are two primary types of pregnancy backache: Lumbar and posterior pelvic.

Lumbar pain is very common, and you don’t have to be pregnant to feel it. Lower lumbar pain happens around the lumbar vertebrae, which means you feel it most around the waist area. Remaining in one position too long can even send pain shooting down your legs.Posterior pelvic pain is most common among pregnant women. This pain sets in below the waist and you feel it most in your buttocks and the backs of your thighs. Just about anything can set this pain off.

Prevent and Relief

Believe it or not, the best way to prevent back pain and/or get long-term relief, is to exercise. Talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen, because you may be limited or restricted in what you can do. However, once you get the green light, yoga is a fantastic experience while you are pregnant. The reason is because stretching the muscles in your back, pelvis, and thighs will help to strengthen them over time, making them more resilient. Walking, which may trigger the pain, is also actually a great way to find relief in the long run. Regular stretching of the muscles and general movement of the muscles will help greatly in preventing future pain, as well as quelling existing pain.

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