The Results are In: Telling Your Spouse the BIG News

You just found out that you are pregnant! Congratulations! Now it’s time to break the news to your spouse. But how do you go about doing it?

The Background

Before you tell your spouse the wonderful news, you want to figure out the best, most creative way to do it. Which is the best way? Well, that will depend. The background will play a major role in how you will want to go about breaking the news. For instance, if your spouse has been dead set against having a baby, this will set the stage for a specific way you may want to go about breaking the news. If your spouse has been clamoring for a new little one, this would create new avenues for letting them in on the big reveal. In any case, the background will influence how you tell your spouse the BIG news.

If your Spouse is Against Having a Baby

Sometimes whether it is because of financial issues, personal issues, or it is just not the right time, a spouse can be a little less than thrilled at the prospect of increasing the family by one (or more if it’s twins!). People have their reasons for these things, and all too often, both individuals have a different perspective on things. More often than not in these situations, one person wants a baby very much. They can think of a million reasons why it is the perfect time for welcoming a brand new bundle of joy into the family. The other, however, can think of a million reasons why it is not the right time to have a baby. At least not at the moment. This is where you must think outside of the box!

If your spouse is against having a baby, despite their reasons, you have to tell them the news. And the sooner, the better. Here are two methods you could use to tell your spouse that you both are expecting.

  • You can be blunt. Sit them down, tell them to prepare themselves for some big news. Lay it out, but then reassure them that everything will be alright. Remember to be sensitive to their reasons for not being ready for a new baby just yet.
  • You can tell them over the course of several days. Begin by planting the seeds of the news to come. Begin a dialogue over their reasons for not being ready for a baby. Being constructive and not overbearing, try reasoning with them about the good points. Try effectively countering their points with valid reasoning. But remember, stay constructive! You do not want to get off on the wrong foot. Stay positive and kind. Set the mood for positivity, not negativity. If your spouse does not pick up on the conversations as hints, it’s time to lay it out. Again, in a loving and constructive manner!

If your Spouse is All For Having a Baby

If your spouse has been looking forward to having a new addition join the family, then fantastic! However, if you want to keep up with the new trend of surprising reveals, then we have some ideas that will make breaking the news unique and fun!

  • First, you could try the “Bun in the Oven” reveal. A simple routine, but makes the reveal very fun. You both will get a lot of laughs! You can place a bun in your oven. Set the heat to low. Lure your spouse over to the oven, and ask them to check on the contents. Just refer to it as a surprise. When they open the oven, the fun begins! They will most likely not know what to make of it at first. This is where the laughs come in - sooner or later, even if you have to spell it out, they will get it!
  • The “booties in the sock drawer” routine is also a subtle way of letting your spouse discover on their own. Simply place a pair of baby socks in your spouse’s sock drawer right on top of their socks. They are sure to get the hint!
  • You can do the “baby furniture in the house” reveal, which is also a lot of fun! Just go out and purchase either a basinet, a baby swing, even a baby monitor set. Set up the goods somewhere in the house out of the way, but noticeable. Then go about your daily business, and let your spouse discover them on their own. The confusion will be priceless!
  • If you pack your spouse’s lunch, place the ultrasound pic in with it.
  • If you have children already, send your spouse in to read them a goodnight book. Make the book about becoming a big brother or sister. They’re sure to get the hint!

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