Packing for the Hospital: Preparing for the BIG Day

So the big day is approaching! Do you have your hospital bag packed? There is nothing like waiting until the last minute to pack your hospital bag. Oops! You forgot your hair brush? Your toothpaste? What else? Better prepared than sorry!

Preparing Your Bag

I know what you are thinking, “I have plenty of time to do that. It’s only one little bag, right?” wrong. Lol, this one little bag is going to mean the difference between going without at the hospital, or your spouse having to make a hundred trips back and forth to the house! Besides, even if you packed your bag right now, tomorrow you are going to remember something else that just has to go. Then the next day, another. And another. Better start now and give yourself a few weeks (or months) to actually have the bag packed properly!

Why Now?

Honestly, the reason for packing early is because most never get it right on the first try. Packing a bag sounds simple, doesn’t it? But for some reason, packing a hospital bag for the big day always ends up coming up short. No one knows exactly why that is, but it always seems to work that way. You get to the hospital, and yup…you forgot something. Starting early lets you remember the little things you forgot over the course of a few weeks. Believe it or not, after a few weeks, you are still going to be remembering things to add to the bag!

Why is it so Important?

Your stay at the hospital may only be a few days, but with so much happening, you will want to enjoy the basics from home. Everything happening is brand new, your life is changing completely all in one moment. Even if you have several children already, each new life brought into the world is a brand new experience. This is why it is so important that you have everything you are going to need readily available and organized. Not spending time searching for something, just to realize that you left that particular thing at home. Organization is key to spending your time at the hospital stress-free and at ease.

Items to Bring

There is a variety of things you need to bring, or that you just may want to bring. It may help to start making a list of things you will want to bring with you on one of the biggest journeys you will ever take. Things to include may be:

  • A comfortable pair of pajamas. Sometimes the hospital will allow you to wear your own pajamas from home, instead of the standard hospital gown. In these instances, it’s best to bring a few pairs that are extremely comfortable and loose-fitting.
  • A brand new binky that has been cleaned and sanitized. The hospital may provide one for baby, but maybe you would rather your son or daughter have one that you picked out as the first binky.
  • Shampoo and conditioner. The hospital may or may not provide these for you, but you may want to bring your own favorite brand. Sometimes small comforts from home have a big impact on the way you feel.
  • Pads. The hospital does provide these for after childbirth, but you may want to bring your own if you have a particular brand you would like to use.Remember both types of pads your will need: One for post childbirth bleeding, and one for the breasts (milk will most likely start leaking right after birth).
  • Pajamas for the baby, and a first outfit. Remember, your baby’s first pajamas and first outfit are keepsakes of a lifetime. The photos you take will capture time in a bottle, so don’t forget the…
  • Camera. You may want to purchase a disposable camera as a backup in the bag. This will help in case the hospital has a No Electronics policy, or if you simply forget your phone.
  • Baby mittens. Don’t forget the baby mittens for your baby’s hands. They have a tendency to scratch themselves. They can’t control their hands as they spasm and flex.
There is much more, but this will give you an idea of what to start thinking about packing. Hopefully with enough time, you will remember each and everything you will need for the big day!

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