Baby Bath Time: By the Numbers

Baby bath time can be a fun and exciting experience for both baby and parents. But for most, especially first time parents, newborn bath time can be the most terrifying experience in the world! Don’t panic, however, just follow some basic steps and principles – and you will do just fine.

Baby Bath Time

Baby bath time can sometimes be a frightening thought for new parents. Even parents who have been through the routine before may find the thought of bath time for their newborn somewhat daunting. Never fear! You will do a great job. There are just a few things to remember, some safety tips to go by, and don’t forget to keep telling yourself, “I will do just fine.”Besides, bath time is fun! It is a brand new experience for baby, so making it as enjoyable as possible will make it that much easier. Remember, as a new experience, baby may become frightened. It’s up to you to make as fun and enjoyable as possible for him or her.

When to give Baby Their First Bath

One of the first questions parents ask is, “When do I give my baby their first bath?” this is more of a safety measure than anything, but remember to only give baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off naturally, or if it is a boy and he has been circumcised, until that has healed completely, as well.

When it comes time for baby’s first bath, you will want to find a baby bathtub that provides support, stability, and has a nonslip surface. It should have a nice contoured design, or perhaps an internal sling that will prevent your delicate little bundle from slipping and sliding around. Most medical experts agree that a bathtub seat is probably not such a great idea. They have a tendency to tip over in the event that the suction cups fail or give out.

Getting Ready for the Bath

Now that you know the right time and you have the right tub, it is time to get ready for the bath! First, temperature, temperature, temperature. You have to be sure the temperature is just right. Too hot or too cold can shock the baby, and make his or her first bath time a traumatic experience, instead of the great time it’s supposed to be. Most experts agree that testing the water with your elbow is sufficient for the job.

Be sure that the bath is warm, as in a little above room temperature. Baby won’t do well with a hot bath, or a cool bath. Their skin is very sensitive to temperature. You know how you keep baby bundled up? Think that warm. That should be the temperature of the bath water. Nice and warm. However, once the water hits room temperature or cooler, baby bath time should be over.

Bath Time

Have fun! Make the bath as soothing and as relaxing as possible for baby. As I mentioned earlier, things such as temperature changes and new sensations can be traumatizing for baby. That is why you should make bath time as fun and relaxing as possible. Look baby right in his or her eyes as you let them know that everything is just fine. Let them see you smile, and don’t forget rubber ducky!

Tidd Bits

  • Baby should only be bathed about 2-3 times a week, but the face, cap, neck, and diaper area should be cleaned every day – and sometimes several times a day.
  • How much water you add is said to range from a few inches, to over the shoulders. This is debatable, and should be decided by you. Ensuring your baby doesn’t lose heat during the bath is the goal.
  • Make sure to dry baby well after bath time, and bundle them up well to prevent a chill!

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