Finding Courage: Awaiting the BIG day

It’s easy to feel scared as the big day approaches. Bringing a baby into the world is life changing. Feeling the pressures of this can sometimes weigh in, leaving us feeling less than courageous. Don’t worry, finding courage can be just a few kind words away.

Finding Courage

So, here you are. You just found out that baby is on the way. After the excitement and celebration, you just might begin feeling a little scared. Others may feel downright panic. The thought of bringing a brand new life into the world includes the realization of the responsibility it brings with it. The thought of failure can be like a shadow, looming over your happy thoughts. Some have even reported this feeling as being crippling in their daily lives. However, fear does not have to rule over you during this time. Awaiting the BIG day should be joyous and celebratory, not fearful or afraid. Finding courage is easier than you might think.

For Mommy

During your pregnancy you may have all kinds of fears. Most of which may center on whether your baby is healthy. These feelings are normal. Everyone worries about the health of their baby during pregnancy. However, you must remember – you do not have much control over what is going on inside your womb. Aside from take folic acid, your prenatal vitamins, and getting enough healthy activity, there is not much else you can do. Rest assured your baby is most likely developing exactly as it should. You do your part, and nature will do its part.

Oh, and don’t worry about the labor and delivery – women have been doing it since the birth of humanity. I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

For Daddy

Many fathers worry in private. Their fears are usually centered on financial issues and whether they will make a good father. These feelings are absolutely normal. In fact, it is probably a good sign that these things have crossed your mind. It is good to feel vulnerable once in a while. It builds character, and helps to develop empathy. Empathy will help you to relate to your child as they grow. Having the ability to understand how someone else feels stops you from becoming something other than the man you are supposed to be. That is the core of being a good father. No matter how much money you make, your child needs a caring father. Someone who loves him or her and can understand them. Be that man, and the rest will fall into place.

You don’t have to be the “World’s Greatest Dad”. Just be the best dad you can be to your children. That is all that will ever matter to them.

For Siblings

Being a big brother or sister is a gigantic responsibility! Truthfully, no matter what age you are, being a sibling can seem a little bit scary. Young children may be afraid of losing being the “baby” of the family. Older children can become fearful of the change to their family dynamic. No matter the age, these feelings are typical for siblings-to-be.

For young children, assigning them certain responsibilities just may be the answer. Remember, you will need someone to be in charge of making silly faces to entertain baby, and someone to hand diapers to mommy and daddy, and someone who can lend a finger for baby to squeeze (with mommy or daddy present!).

Older children can really be of big help. They should remember that this change is going to happen. Accepting it will alone make them feel better. But there is more. They aren’t little ones anymore. Their help will be appreciated, and sometimes greatly needed. Family dynamic needs to change. This evolution interjects newness into life and into daily routines. A baby begins a new chapter, but it doesn’t erase the old. It simply creates a larger book that tells the story of your lives.

Besides, having a new brother or sister means either a new playmate or someone who will look up to you. In either case, you are in for something cool.

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