The Perfect Toys for Education and Motivation: 1-3 Months

Parents always want the best for their kids. While looking for the perfect fun toys for your baby, keep in mind that their minds are wanting to absorb new information like little sponges. Here are some examples of perfect toys for education and motivation.

Why Educating and Motivating Toys are Important for Baby

Even as early as the first month, your baby’s brain is becoming more and more advanced. It is absorbing information, learning. The first year is a crucial time for baby learning. You really should do everything you can to promote stimulation, education, and motivation for your little up and comer! In fact, you may want to look into toys that provide stimulation in three primary categories: Cognitive, Physical, and Social & Emotional.

Months 1-3

In month one, you may want to find toys that are calming, yet stimulating. This is because your newborn baby is able to see objects that are about 8-10 inches away from them, but he or she cannot make out clear details. Baby at this age is also unable to see the full-color spectrum. However, baby will follow slow moving objects over short distances with his or her eyes. Baby will also try to copy simple facial expressions. He or she will be startled by loud noises or unexpected sounds. They are very curious about everything they see.

Toys such as musical mobiles, twinkling soothers, and colorful infant play gyms are perfect for babies between 1 and 3 months old because they provide several benefits.

Mobiles have a lot going on for baby. They slowly spin, allowing baby to practice focusing on one moving object for longer periods. They help baby to become more vocal, as well. As the music sings, and baby focuses on the objects moving, baby is compelled to “speak” to the objects in an attempt to make contact. They elicit an emotional response. If the mobile also includes a light show for baby, that is even better. A light show may help baby focus on objects further away.

Soothers are fantastic, as they help baby to overcome fussiness. Self-regulation is very important as your baby develops. It is also a great way to begin first routines. You should consider soothers for fussiness and naps. When it is time for a nap, a soother can help them not only fall asleep easier, it can also help become a recognition that it is time to sleep. Association is a great way to begin healthy first routines.

Infant play gyms are excellent for creating, establishing, and reinforcing first routines. Infant play gyms can be a fun time for baby as they are brightly colored and can have a lot going on. They can be a very stimulating toy that illustrates to baby that it is time to play. It can signify excitement and fun. Soothers and mobiles should be put away at this time, as mobiles should be associated with nighttime sleep and soothers for fussiness and naps. Keeping a clear separation between these toys will assist in stimulation, education, and motivation through reinforced recognition and association.

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