Pregnancy Week 2

Being pregnant is an extremely important point in your life. Right from the very first moment you are pregnant, changes begin to happen. So what actually happens when you are only 2 weeks pregnant? What are the first signs of pregnancy and how can you spot them? Is morning sickness already a side effect at Week 2 of pregnancy? Just keep reading to find out all the important answers to these questions.

Week two – Primary Changes

During the second week of your pregnancy, the biggest change happening is implantation, and the production of HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin.

First, as implantation takes place, the placenta has yet to form. During this time, the embryo attaches directly to the uterine wall. It is here that that the embryo collects nutrients directly from the mother’s cells

At this point, each of the embryonic cells begins producing the hormone HCG. This hormone is present throughout the blood and urine of the mother, and is detected by pregnancy tests to determine if you are, in fact, pregnant. However, this hormone does much more. The embryonic cells produce this hormone in order to disrupt your menstrual cycle. This is a survival protocol induced by the embryo so the menstrual cycle ends, and pregnancy continues.

No Positive Pregnancy Test Yet

You are two weeks pregnant, but this is a too early stage to actually have your pregnancy confirmed. However, from the moment you are trying to conceive it is extremely important to start taking your vitamins. The most beneficial vitamin from the start is the Folic Acid that will help protect the baby from a wide-range of in-uterus adverse health conditions.

You may not know you are pregnant yet, but you know you want a baby. Therefore, pay close attention to taking your daily dose of prenatal supplements. These will nourish your system with all of the most important nutrients, so that you can create for your baby the perfect environment for healthy growth.

Ever Changing – Placenta Formation & More

It is hard to imagine that all of these changes are taking place. Many places on the web claims that pregnancy does not begin until about four weeks after conception. This is false. In fact, the first four weeks of pregnancy sees more development, about 100 times more, than the remaining entirety of your pregnancy. In the first 10 days alone, the embryo’s heart is already beating!


Diapers. These you will become very acquainted with. Now, when it comes to diapers, absorbance is always the prime factor. You want to get diapers that trap in as much wetness as humanly possible. This will help to keep baby from getting a diaper rash. Diaper rash is pretty much unavoidable. However, the dryer you can keep baby – the less often and the less severe the diaper rash will be. Remember that diapers do not have to be big and bulky to offer premium absorption. Many brands today offer great absorption with a thinner diaper, and without the premium price tag to go along with it.

After approximately 10 days, the embryo’s implantation process has been completed. At this point, the placenta is already forming. This is done through a combining of specific embryonic and maternal tissues. These tissues combine and form the early stages of the placenta and the umbilical cord.

When the placenta’s circulation is properly in place, the flow from the mother’s blood stream begins carrying water, nutrients, oxygen, and vitamins to the placenta, through the umbilical cord, and finally to the embryo. The baby is being nourished.


Medical technology advances every day. If older tests were capable of showing only pregnancies in the 4th or 6th week, today’s tests are much more sensitive. Ask your local pharmacist for a pregnancy test that is capable of detecting pregnancy in its very early stages. Some tests are capable of detecting pregnancy as early as four days after conception. If you had a missed period (if you generally have regular cycles), one of these early detection tests may come in handy. Remember, these early tests may not always be the most accurate. After about four weeks, your doctor can give you a clear result.

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