Pregnancy Week 5

Remember we said your baby was the size of a poppy seed at week 4 of pregnancy? Now, at 5 weeks he or she is the size of a sesame seed. You might consider that progression quite slow, but again, there are hundreds of complex processes going on and connections that need to be made during this time.

At 5 weeks of pregnancy, your little sesame seed starts developing cartilage, one of the most important structural components of the body. Cartilage is basically the connective tissue that can be found in many body parts: the knees, the ankles, and the joints. This is how much your little one has progressed since last week…

The FIRST Movement

Yes, this is the time when the embryo makes the first movement. You will not feel the movement of the baby until about 8 weeks more, but the embryo performs its first movements between 5 and 6 weeks of pregnancy.

In order to develop healthy muscles and joints, your tiny sesame seed needs to start exercising at this point in time. According to experts, the embryo moves in both a reflexive and spontaneous manner. During the 5th week of pregnancy, the embryo also develops his or her outer ear structure.

The embryo also works hard on developing a strong immune system. During the 5th week, the liver will produce lymphocytes. These are the white blood cells that are crucial for the development and maintenance of an immune system. How amazing is that? You may not even be aware that you are pregnant, and your little one already has ears and their heart beats regularly. He or she now also develops their immune system.

The bones of the hand are also forming during week 5 of pregnancy. First there will be the bones of the hand, and then the wrist will start forming a little bit later. By the time the embryo reaches 6 weeks from fertilization, the breathing muscle is already formed (the ‘diaphragm’).

The heart, the brains, and the spinal cord of the baby is in continuous development. Yet your baby is measuring a whopping 5mm in length.

How Will You Experience Pregnancy at 5 Weeks?

Sensitive breasts, unexplained fatigue and nausea may be present during this time. Maybe this when you come to the realization that your period is unlikely to arrive for the following 8 months!

It is time to start eating extremely healthy, and give up smoking (if needed). Your baby gets its nourishment from you, so you really need to consume quality and nourishing food. Always take your prenatal vitamins, and drink plenty of fluids for proper hydration.

If you have been working out regularly before pregnancy, you can still continue. However, you should reduce the pace at which you are working out. Physical activity is highly recommended even during pregnancy, but you should follow a special regimen. Be sure to speak to your doctor before beginning any new routines.

Take your time to read quality information on how you should take care of yourself and the baby during pregnancy. Also do not listen to the advice brimming with ‘good intentions’ from friends to in-laws. This is your pregnancy and your child, so following sound practices that align with your doctor’s orders are always the safest bet.

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