The Benefits of Using Grape Seed Oil

Massaging baby using food-grade grape seed oil is a fantastic way to keep baby’s skin from drying out, while being safe and digestible if baby gets some in their mouth or on their lips. Products using all-natural grape seed oil are perfect as all around skin moisturizers that do not clog tiny baby pores.

The Benefits of Using Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is the byproduct of wine making, pressed from the seeds and extracting the oils. Many stores sell grape seed oil for its many applications, including cooking, cosmetics, massage lotions and aromatherapy. In cooking it has a moderately high smoking point, and a light, clean taste. It also has a high polyunsaturated fat content. Cosmetically, it is perfect for controlling moisture of the skin. Using as a massage oil, it acts as a wonderful carrier for aromatherapy. It is also used in sunblock and sunburn ointments.

Culinary & Cosmetics

The main two purposes for this oil are culinary and cosmetic, so when purchasing for cooking make sure you buy food grade oil.  It is polyunsaturated, light in flavor and color, and contains benefits such as linoleic acid. Grape seed oil is a high source of vitamin E, protein, and minerals.  Some studies have shown a decrease in bad cholesterol and in increase in HDL in people who consumed grape seed oil. For people who use it less, refrigeration is advised, otherwise store in a cool dark place.

For Mommy

In cosmetics it is used for its properties in moisturizing and gliding smoothly across the skin. With its mildly astringent and antiseptic qualities it assists in mild skin repair and helps tighten the skin. It contains vitamin E to soften the skin, help reduce the signs of aging, and is easily absorbed by the body to help with stretch marks, age spots, and wrinkles. It is used in facial, hair and skin products for its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

For Baby

Grape seed oil is also used in the care of your newborn infant. While treating your stretch marks (if that occurred during your pregnancy), it is also perfect for the typically dry skin of your baby. While the massaging of your baby is a bonding experience for the two of you, make it easy and fun by using grape seed oil which glides smoothly onto their skin, is absorbed easily and is digestible if they should suck on their fingers. Make sure it is a food grade oil!

Grape seed oil is a better choice than baby oil or mineral oil because those oils tend to clog the pores and using a nut-based oil could spark an allergic reaction. Another benefit is that is doesn't leave a greasy residue on baby. Cradle cap is a common situation to find yourself in, and using a little grapeseed oil on baby's scalp will take care of it!

Some babies are born with very sensitive skin, so choosing an oil for them is very important. Grape seed oil is high in linoleic acid which is much easier on baby’s skin than one high in oleic acid, such as olive or sunflower oils that are harsher and can cause redness – even on skin that is not sensitive.

Grape seed oil has been shown in studies to contain properties to help with numerous health issues due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-histamine and anti-allergic activity. It has been used as the grape, the seeds, and the leaves in home remedies for centuries. 

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