Toys for Education and Motivation: 4-6 Months

Toys help developing children through motivation and education. They help by stimulating their minds, helping them to learn and discover.

Educating & Motivating

By the time your infant is approaching the four to six-month stage they will be learning to sit, reach out and grasp objects, and starting to crawl. You will want to make sure you have proper stimulating, educational, and motivational toys and games to keep them on the path towards proper learning development. You will want to provide a safe play environment and age-appropriate toys. You want to choose toys that are not just entertaining, but help to develop physical, motor, sensory, and communication skills. Always remember that you are an integral part of the learning process.

Giving a Toy to Develop Physical and Motor Skills:

Toys that roll when baby tries to retrieve them, helping to encourage them to scoot or crawl after them, are perfect for motor development. A sturdy toy that baby can attempt to pull up on to a standing position is also a great idea. A large ball that requires the use of both hands to hold it helps develop coordination. You also have to incorporate yourself into the play area to increase motor skills. Hold a toy in each hand to encourage your child to reach out for one. Play pat-a-cake so they learn to bring both hands together or peek-a-boo so both hands must cover their eyes.

Developing Sensory Skills:

Give toys that have different colors, shapes and textures to stimulate the senses. This will encourage baby to pass toys from one hand to the other, exploring the different textures and shapes. The bright colors will attract them and it will be interesting to note if they seem to favor a certain color. Keep in mind that most toys will now go directly from the hand into the mouth, so be aware of any choking hazards. Introducing musical sounds to calm and soothe baby should really pique their interest. A cuddly stuffed animal with a music box for quiet time and wind-up toys with livelier beats for playtime. At this point, a little tickling session will certainly stimulate their sensory skills! Another good toy to introduce at this time is a book with different shapes and textures, such as "let's pet the bunny", with the accompanying piece of fur on the page that baby can pet.

Communication Skills:

Let's continue with that same "pet the bunny" book. Read the book out loud and point to the words and pictures. Not only is this a great bonding experience for you and baby but it is working on their communication skills also. At this age, your child may try mimicking the sounds and tone of your voice.   When looking for talking toys for baby, make sure that the speech is clear and precise so the child is learning the correct way to pronounce each word. The same goes for singing toys, too.

Doing your best to promote your child's development takes time, patience and interaction but the rewards are a happy, well-adjusted child who is confident in themselves. Each day presents new opportunities to brighten their day and stimulate their senses.

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