Pregnancy Week 6

It’s simply amazing how your baby grows and changes from one week to the other inside you. Imagine that at 6 weeks your baby already has a heart with fully developed four chambers, and that tiny heart is pumping away.

If you go for an ultrasound, at 6 weeks you can already hear the heartbeats of that tiny baby growing and growing. If at 3 weeks the heartbeats were around 121 per minute, now the heart of the little one has a powerful 160 beats per minute.

Miracles start happening

From an embryo of the size of a poppy seed, at week 6 of pregnancy, that little embryo is covered by an outer layer of sheer, see-through skin. Extremely fragile, yet growing and developing, with amazing power. Every tiny organ – the heart, the kidneys, and the lungs are now in their right place. Yet, there is a long way until full development.

At six weeks and a few days, the baby starts moving its tiny hands. Although not fully developed with fingers, but the movement is there. Ankles, toes, and bones in the fingers start developing at this stage. The baby’s muscles are developing and growing, too, giving the baby more and more power to move and send some clear signs over that monitor.

Did you know it only takes approximately one week for the fingers and toes to start separating and forming? This is what happens during the 6th week of pregnancy. The ‘tough’ body parts also start developing during this week. The clavicle, the jaw bone structure, and the collar bone are all developing in this stage.
Indeed, a miracle it is. The miracle of life!

What About Mommy During the 6th Week of Pregnancy?

Morning sickness has kicked in with all its fury by now. The little miracle inside you is growing and developing beautifully, but you…you may have to suffer a little bit. This is the time when you might feel quite ‘moody’, but everybody understands (at least they should!). It’s just the hormones. Some pregnant women exhibit milder hormonal fits, while others can be quite strong. You never know which category you will fall! Every time is different and unique.

This is the time to pay special attention to your everyday diet. Think about what you need to ‘transfer’; vitamins, minerals, and plenty of other nourishing ingredients to your little one. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, drink plenty of fresh water for hydration, and take your vitamins. Don’t forget about Vitamin D! If possible, spend as much time as possible out on the fresh air and infuse yourself with natural Vitamin D. It’s good for you, and it’s good for the baby.

At this moment in time, you most probably know you are pregnant. Either because you took the test, or because your instinct tells you so. The vomiting at all hours of the day may also be a dead giveaway! So what’s the next step? Probably thinking about whether to make the big announcement or wait for a little longer…it’s up to you. You have time.

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