Pregnancy Week 7

Starting with week 7, the embryo starts kicking. Experts agree that if startled, the embryo even jumps! This is also the time when the leg muscles and bones are connected by the tendons, and the first signs of knee joints are visible.

Development at Week 7

At only 7 weeks after fertilization the embryo can actually bring his hands and feet together. With every little step in development, your embryo is getting ready to become a beautiful baby! From 7 to 8 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo’s kidneys will start producing urine. This is then released directly into the amniotic fluid. Moreover, those of you who are preparing to have a baby boy should know that the little masculine embryo starts releasing testosterone (the male hormones) at 7 weeks from fertilization. Isn’t that something?

The Specifics

At approximately 7 and half weeks, the embryo’s fingers are already separated. However, the toes will separate only later during week 8. Yet another amazing scientific fact is that in week 7 of your pregnancy, the embryo’s brain weighs almost 45% of its total weight. Smart baby!

By the end of week 6, the brain of the embryo is greatly developed. From week 7 and onwards, growth happens at an amazing pace. The embryo even starts to resemble a tiny human being, with hands, feet, and everything.

Regarding size: Your little darling is measuring approximately 1cm at week 7 of pregnancy. So much more to go until the approx. 20 inches.

Mom at 7 Weeks of Pregnancy

You are probably dealing with some dilemmas by now. Who to tell or not to tell, and dealing with the fatigue and nausea – but it is normal to find yourself feeling this way. Some women decide to wait until they have completed their first trimester before revealing the BIG news. Others cannot wait to start posting belly pics to Facebook every other day!

You can already find out details regarding your due date by this time, and should have already attended at least one or two doctor visits. This is also the time when you come to the true realization that you are pregnant, and you have 1 million questions and concerns. The best thing to do is to talk directly to your doctor, and ask him or her whatever you wish to know about the pregnancy, about what you should be careful with during this time, and anything else of concern.

Remember that you are still in the early stages of your pregnancy. You must take good care of yourself. You should also try to avoid anyone who happens to have the flu or a cold, and you should also pay attention not to come in contact with certain animals, believe it or not.

Sheep can carry a given infection that causes miscarriage. Toxoplasmosis or Listeriosis can be quite dangerous, so stay away from certain animals especially during your early stage of pregnancy when you are vulnerable. This means cancelling that trip down to the petting zoo. Even though the risks are very low, better safe than sorry. In addition, do not touch the litter trays of cats because of the risk of toxoplasmosis. Further, if you are gardening, always use gloves to protect yourself from the soil which might also be infected.

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