Pregnancy Week 10

Your little gem is now perfecting some of their earlier developments. They are even perfecting swallowing with the help of some amniotic fluid, and fully formed jaw bones!

Rapid Growth

Your baby’s organs are now going to begin growing very rapidly, taking on their permanent form, and strengthening. At this stage, even their little milk teeth are in place! Although, these will not be making an appearance until baby is around six months old. Even though, they are formed and are hardening as of the 10th week. In fact, all of their tissues and organs are beginning to grow faster and faster, preparing for their inevitable emergence into the outside world.

Yes, it is a wondrous time, indeed. Your baby is forming into the baby he or she will be, and eventually, the adult this child will become. In fact, the blueprint for their adult self was embedded into their DNA from the moment of conception. Their life of development will last until adulthood, and these are just the beginning stages of that ultimate development.

The Jaw and Digestion

At this point, baby’s jaw bones are hardening and falling into the shape it will be forever. While during this time baby’s bones are still soft and flexible, they are still well on their way to forming the structure of the baby you will soon meet. Your little angel is also learning to swallow fluids in preparation for eating and swallowing saliva. They are also beginning to produce digestive juices, as well. This means that their digestive tract is developing beautifully.

Limb Movement

Hurray! Baby is now starting to kick their legs and flex their arms. They are all over the place! These movements can easily be seen during your ultrasound. If you drink a lot of water before you go to your appointment, you just may be in for a bit of a surprise! Baby gets very active as long as you stay well-hydrated. Baby may not be in control of his or her movements just yet, but these spasms are definitely happening. As the weeks progress you will begin to feel these movements, but for now, they are simply moments on the ultrasound screen to be treasured.

Fingers and Toes

When it comes to the development of baby’s fingers and toes, there is actually a very big change occurring; they are no longer webbed! And that is not the only change that is occurring in regards to baby’s hands and feet. Baby can now bend their hands at the wrists and ankles! They are also still developing their fingernails and toenails, and their fingerprints are coming in.

Spinal Nerves and Peach Fuzz

In this week, baby is developing in other areas of the body, as well. In fact, baby’s spinal cord is now starting to branch out, and specialized nerves are stretching out from the cord toward the regions they will soon reach. These numerous connections will ensure baby’s mobility, among other things. Baby is also beginning to form a kind of peach fuzz on their delicate and sensitive skin.

As baby develops, so will mommy. Many changes are still yet to come. One of the most beneficial changes is the bond that will grow between mommy and baby. This bond, will never end.

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