The Benefits of Massaging Your Baby

Baby massage can aid in the well-being of your baby, and it will also help you bond with the brand-new little person in your life. Massaging your baby has both physical and psychological effects that will help nurture healthy development.

By caressing your little one with gentle strokes and movements you will achieve a highly soothing effect, and your baby will be able to sleep much easier. By massaging your baby’s arms, tummy, and feet, you will enhance blood circulation and aid the digestive process of your baby. Keep reading to find out some more about the magical powers of baby massage!

Relaxing Your Baby

If your little one is quite restless and you feel they may be crying too often, regular baby massages could be the answer. After bathing at night, make baby massage a part of your routine. Make sure to use natural oils such as coconut oil, or an emollient for babies. Start with their head and face, and gently massage his or her entire body using gentle strokes and circular movements. And don’t forget daddy! Baby massage is also the perfect solution to bring father and child closer to each other, as well. Teach your partner to massage the baby to help ensure this will be a regular baby-daddy bonding time.

Experts in the field agree that by massaging your baby, you are actually stimulating their central nervous system. This stimulation results in the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a natural chemical in the brain which regulates mood. A jump in production also leads to a better mood and wellbeing. This results in a much more relaxed and happy baby, ready to give parents a good night’s sleep!

Baby Massage is Showing Tremendous Affection

When you massage your baby, you are showing your affection. It is a type of bond only the two of you understand. Gentle movements on your baby’s tummy, legs, arms, and face reflect your pure love reflected onto your little one. It is extremely important to keep in mind that you should not start massaging the baby when he or she is extremely fussy. You might actually over stimulate them, inadvertently increasing their poor mood, making them even more fussy and impatient.

For baby massage, choose a time when your baby is calm (such as after bathing, after feeding, or after a diaper change). The environment must be pleasant and warm enough, and you should always use creams or lotions that are specifically designed for baby’s sensitive skin. Go for organic products that do not contain chemicals or irritating perfume extracts.

Baby Massage for Colic-Relief

Tummy aches + restlessness = one unhappy baby. No mother wants to see her baby like this. If your little one is struggling more often than you are comfortable with when it comes to tummy aches (colic), then you should try a special baby massage technique.

Start with a gentle belly massage by using circular movements with your fingertips, but no stroking. Next, you should bend the baby’s knees up to his tummy. Try to keep baby in this position for about 20 to 30 seconds and then release. You should repeat this movement several times.

As a next step, try to perform a massage technique that helps releasing accumulated gas. Start by placing the edge of your hand on the belly of the baby (right at the belly button). Then, glide your hand downwards, and perform this movement rhythmically. Be gentle, but deliberate. Repeat as many times as needed, until you notice the baby is not uncomfortable anymore.


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