The Benefits of Using Lavender

Lavender extract is one of the purest, most soothing and mentally stimulating plants. During pregnancy, you should really stay away from irritating scents of strong perfumes and soaps or creams that can cause irritations. However, pure lavender oil extract has a wide range of uses and it is extremely beneficial during – and after – pregnancy.

Lavender Oil for Relaxation & Better Sleep

During your pregnancy, you will find that sleeping sometimes can become quite problematic. Your body is going through major changes, and you can experience everything from back pain, restless legs syndrome, to insomnia. In order to get a good night’s sleep, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure to aerate the room extremely well.

You need to let fresh air in, and then you can use an aromatic infuser with a few drops of lavender oil in it. The lavender oil will start evaporating and emitting a scent that will definitely calm your senses. You will go to sleep much easier, because you are feeling relaxed from inhaling the light lavender filled air.

Lavender Extract to Aid With Headaches

Whenever you struggle with headaches during pregnancy you should never take medication. Experts say Tylenol can be taken safely and effectively, but it’s a good idea to try and use natural ingredients and remedies to fight off migraines. For example, you can use one tiny drop of lavender extract, inhaling the calming and soothing aroma. Some mothers swear by it, saying that you will instantly feel better.

Lavender has naturally calming effects, and you can even use it as a direct face and/or body aromatherapy session. Just add two drops of lavender oil in your stretch mark creams or in your daily moisturizer. Organic lavender oil has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle properties. Moisturize your skin and prevent stretch marks, as you inhale the gently soothing and calming scent of the lavender.

Acne During Pregnancy

It may easily happen that you may experience an acne break out several times during your pregnancy. Again, you are not normally allowed to use any strong medications while you are pregnant, but you can consider natural and organic remedies. Dermatologists and aroma therapists agree that lavender extract (pure essential oil) is beneficial in the treatment of acne.

The lavender essential oil will inhibit the formation of acne causing bacteria. Lavender also helps you maintain sebum levels, keeping them under control. It can also naturally help to reduce the signs of acne scarring. Best relief and healing properties are observed when used regularly in conjunction with your daily skin and face moisturizers.

For Baby

Your baby can also benefit greatly from the use of lotions and other fine baby products that make use of lavender. Massaging your little bundle of joy is an integral part of helping your baby’s circulation. Improving digestion, and preventing colic. Baby massages are also a fantastic way to bond with the new little person in your life. Mommy and day both can increase and strengthen their bond with baby, all the while expressing their love, affection, and devotion to this brand-new member of the family. Whether you are expanding your family or just beginning it, using lavender to massage your baby can continue to help as an aromatherapy. Introducing new scents to baby, such as lavender, can help to stimulate their senses, while inducing a lovely calming effect.

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