The Benefits of Using Apricot Oil

As moms, we want to do everything we can to make our babies happy and healthy, right? With different remedies and suggestions flying around on blogs, newspapers, and other information hubs, it can be confusing at times. In this article we will talk about the benefits of using apricot oil and specifically how it can benefit your baby.

Apricot Oil – A Common Baby Product Ingredient

Apricot oil is very gentle and this is why it is a common ingredient in baby products. Baby skin is very sensitive to any type of outside stimulant and creams, balms, and soaps made from apricot oil are often helpful to moms like us that want to keep baby clean, soft and smelling great!

Apricot Oil - Vitamin Rich and Great for Massages

Apricot oil is sought after because it contains a great deal of vitamin E and softens the skin. You can put the oil on baby and turn back the clock on your hands, too. Moms sure do know how to multitask! Oftentimes this oil is used for massages, so when you are putting it on baby they think they are getting a full day at the spa. It doesn’t leave a film after you put it on like some other oils. You’ll notice that you and baby both feel softer, but do not have that greasy feeling after application.

Oleic and linoleic acid are found in high amounts in apricot oil. When the vitamin A penetrates the skin, it helps it look more youthful, fighting against dryness and even lessens some forms of irritation. A simple rub down with the oil will have baby feeling soft and happy.

Apricot Oil for Alternative Medicine

Besides for feeling and looking great, apricot oil is used in alternative medicine practices by the Chinese. There are claims of calming inflammation and irritation for certain skin issues.

If you want to keep a happy and soft baby, then using apricot oil is a great idea. Oftentimes when we are trying to get our babies to bed they seem restless, almost as if they are worried about something. Sometimes they just want to play and be funny. Whenever you add a nighttime routine with a bath, song, and some apricot oil – it will go a long way toward helping baby calm down, smell and feel great, and get into a routine that will be good for them.

With the different benefits of apricot oil, it just makes sense to use the oil for your most treasured loved one. Keeping their skin moisturized and healthy when they are babies will give them a good foundation for good skincare practices in the future.

If you think you might have a problem remembering to use the apricot oil, just put it with the rest of your essentials for baby. Put it near the last step after a diaper change, and you will be sure to use it. Something so simple yet so helpful is a must and you can see the benefits quickly when you start to use it on baby.

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