The Benefits of Using Mango Butter

Have you been wondering if the benefits of using mango butter are all hype? We see so many blogs and infographics each day that it is hard to tell what is real. I’ve got good news; mango butter is as amazing as you have heard. In this article we are going to talk more about the benefits of using mango butter and specifically, how baby can benefit.

Why Moms Love to use Mango Butter on Baby

Your baby’s skin is so soft, sensitive and sweet. You want to make sure that you keep it that way, but what should be used? There are many different lotions that are found up and down the aisles of the stores. Most of the ingredients that are in them can’t even be pronounced, and this is why many moms are turning to natural body butters like mango butter.

Mango butter started out in India and comes from the seeds of the mango. These amazing seeds are rich in fatty acids and make them very beneficial for both mom and baby. Having a special and specific time to apply the butter together is an added benefit that will help you bond with baby while getting the benefits of using the butter.

Benefits for Baby

The nourishment and protection of baby’s skin is one of the top benefits of using this butter but it is not the only one. If baby starts to get a diaper rash, you can put some of it on their delicate little bum and notice that it does not progress and get worse. And as a mom, you know just how bad a rash can get. Cradle cap is another related problem that comes up and can be itchy and unsightly for baby. We are worried that other people are going to think baby isn’t getting bathed enough or taken care of properly, when it is a simple fix. Just put some mango butter on their sensitive scalp, and baby is good to go.

Babies love being touched and caressed and when you are putting mango butter on them they are going to melt into your hands. Mango butter has been known to smooth skin and to fight against aging. While baby may not care about this now, you can help them get a start on keeping with a healthy skincare routine by using mango butter on them on regularly.

As a bonus for mom, if you have not had baby yet, then grab some of the mango butter and start rubbing it on your tummy daily. It will help you fight against stretch marks and other skin issues. You can feel free to do this after you’ve had baby, as well.


Using mango butter is good for skin care and health as it has been noted to have strong antioxidant properties. These things make it a great idea to use mango butter on a daily basis. Keep diaper rash and cradle cap at bay, and fight off those unsightly stretch marks. Baby and mom both win when they use mango butter.

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