Pregnancy Week 11

During the 11th week of pregnancy both your body and baby are beginning to literally take shape. You might notice that 'bump on the tummy' beginning to take a more pronounced roundness. When it comes to your new baby, both their lips and nose are now completely formed. According to many researchers, your babies face is capable of producing facial expressions – even a hint of a smile!

During pregnancy week 11, one of the most intriguing facts about the changes your body is undergoing is in regards to your hormones. They not only influence your mood and comfort, but they can transform your skin to ultra-oily or ultra-dry. Adapting to a new skincare and beauty routine will greatly benefit you at this point. Since your tummy is beginning to 'take shape' as well, many women become concerned about stretch marks.

There is really nothing that can 100 percent prevent stretch marks from occurring. Your body is either going to be genetically predisposed to showing marks of baby beauty (which is so much nicer than saying stretch marks!) or it won't be. However, there are a few beauty tips you can do to reduce the fading time of stretch marks – but we'll dive into that later.

Baby’s Development at week 11 of pregnancy

At week 11 your baby is developing a bit of personality. Like we discussed above, research indicates that during this phase of pregnancy, the lips and nose of your baby are fully formed. The baby already started to develop tiny fingernails and the hand muscles. Tendons and joints are beginning to form, which is giving him or her the ability to move their hands about, even it is involuntary at this point. Although it's a bit too soon to tell if your baby is a boy or a girl right now, the development of their genital organs have already begun to take shape!

Your baby at week 11 has a fully developed head – with facial bones beginning to take their unique shape. During this time the ears are beginning to shift into their final position, the mouths palate and tongue will be present and tiny nasal passages are beginning to open. Your baby is developing at an advanced rate, as his or her body is getting ready (and closer) to making their grand debut!

Mother’s Development at week 11 of pregnancy

By the time you've entered the 11th week of your pregnancy it's quite possible that you've set up your first scan – which is the appointment with your OBGYN that will give you the first glance of your new baby. This will also be the appointment where the doctor will measure growth and provide you with a pretty accurate due-date for delivery. It's also pretty typical that by week 11 of pregnancy you've had multiple antenatal tests completed, been poked by needles and given more blood than you thought was possible!

It's also typical that during the 11th week that new mommies should start to plan their maternity leave from work. Mothers have rights – and each employer must comply with the standards set forth by the government. However, each employer, insurance company and medical provider has specific guidelines that must be followed in order to receive benefits. While your body is beginning to change; take time to investigate exactly what needs to be done to protect yourself and your soon-to-be-newborn baby.

Fun Facts about pregnancy week 11

Earlier in our introduction we talked about the dreaded 'stretch marks' and possible ways of reducing them after childbirth. Many mommies swear to the effectiveness of certain creams, ointments and oils as ways of reducing stretch marks from showing up. However, the reality check we must all face is that each of our bodies are unique. There is no 100% full-proof solution to avoiding stretch marks – however, some studies have shown that using coconut oils and creams during pregnancy and after the birth can expedite the fading of baby belly beauty marks.


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