Pregnancy Week 14

As you enter pregnancy week 14, the second trimester is well underway. This new baby growing inside you has grown from the size of a grain of rice to nearly the size of half of a banana, has developed identifying marks such as fingerprints, and is beginning to exercise those quickly evolving and developing arms and legs!

Several medical experts suggest that babies begin to develop personality and individuality in the second trimester. This is supported greatly by the rapid development a baby experiences during pregnancy week 14. Statistically speaking; your new baby is approximately 8 centimeters longs and weighs about 42 grams. His or her arms are fully in proportion with the rest of their body, however the legs still have some room to grow.

Baby’s Development

During week 14 of pregnancy, your baby has begun the transformation of looking like a tiny person. They have eyebrows and hair that are starting to grow, they have started the process of developing unique fingerprints, and may even have the inclination to start sucking their thumb! The rapid development of their brain creates impulses that are starting to send electronic signals through nerve endings and to muscles and joints.

Babies at the second week of the second trimester often make funny faces – including grimacing, frowning, and sometimes smiling. These expressions are random at this point; however, their beautiful facial muscles are starting to get quite a workout!

Mother’s Development

t's very common for you to have the infamous 'baby brain' activate in the second trimester. This includes some moments of fogginess or forgetfulness. Most medical experts attribute this to hormonal changes – but lack of sleep and trying to adjust to different levels of comfort also can impact this condition. Another interesting side-effect that mommies usually experience starting around week 14 is suffering from nasal congestion; which can lead to nose bleeds or snoring at night. If your other half complains about the snoring; you can always suggest a mid-term baby carrying swap for them to consider!

This is also the typical time where the food cravings occur. Although it's important to be aware of what you're eating during your pregnancy, don't be concerned if you transform from eating like a bird to devouring an entire 3-course meal in mere minutes! Blood tests for Down's syndrome and other potential medical conditions typically occur during this time period, as well.

Fun Facts

During pregnancy week 14, some gender development differences might begin to show up for the first time. For example, with bustling baby girls, they typically show signs of more frequent mouth movements (no this isn't a joke about how much boys dislike to talk; it's actually science)! It's also at the 14th week that many mothers begin to experience feeling the first movements of the little baby inside of them.


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