Pregnancy Week 25

Establishing a routine is very important as you enter pregnancy week 25. However, did you know that your baby is already ahead of the curve in this area? By this time, they are developing sleeping and exercising patterns. Their internal organs are pretty much fully formed. This new baby has grown significantly over the past 25 weeks and with every day they are packing on the pounds; getting stronger so they are born as healthy as possible.

Once you reach pregnancy week 25 the majority of development of your baby has been completed. By this time, they are spending the majority of their time growing, adding some needed 'padding' to keep them warm once they escape their tiny (and very warm and cozy) world and enter our very large and cold (to them) planet. During this week, your body is most likely feeling very fatigued, sore, and those feet could use a good rubbing. Many expectant mothers begin their nesting period by week 25, spending time cleaning house and organizing things to make sure they are as prepared as possible for when baby comes home.

Baby’s Development

Your baby is pretty much fully developed by the time week 25 has arrived. They have fully functional internal organs, a brain that is consuming about half of the energy that this baby uses daily and is increasing its weight each week. Their eyes are also developed and now have the light-sensing cells that are known as cones and rods. By the time your baby is born their eyes will have nearly 7 million cones and over 100 million rods so they can detect color, and clearly see once those pretty eyes open up.

Your baby is also developing several patterns by week 25 that you will gladly support. This includes picking times to play – then take a nap; play some more – and take another nap. They also are starting to breathe (in a relative way as they don't breathe air yet) and the respiratory system is getting stronger with every day they develop in the womb. Respiratory conditions are the most common for newborn babies to have – so we want them to spend as much time developing strong lungs to reduce these conditions if at all possible.

Mother’s Development

By the time week 25 arrives you'll most likely have another appointment with your OB. This is a very good time for you and the doctor to talk about the birthing plan and discuss the different options you have to deliver your baby safely. There are multiple factors that will impact the type of birth – whether it's natural or cesarean delivery. During this doctor visit you'll also continue to take blood and urine tests to measure changes your body is undergoing.

One of the factors that may determine what type of birth you have is your body's tendency to have blood clotting issues. Some women develop a gestational diabetes or factor-deficiency of blood cells during pregnancy that can cause blood clotting problems after a cesarean delivery. Make sure you discuss any of these medical conditions with your doctor so that the right birth plan and course of action is activated.

Fun Facts

Once you and baby have connected on a personal level (outside the womb) and it is time to come home – how will you safely make sure that baby is transported? Typically, this is done by a car ride where your baby is placed in a specialized car seat. Week 25 is a great time to start planning a baby shower with your family or friends – or registering for shower gifts (if you didn't accomplish this the day after you found out you were pregnant). A good car seat can save your baby's life in case of an accident. And as much as it might be nice for friends to buy this for you – it's probably best to ask for gift cards for a baby specialty store so you and your partner can purchase the one best suited for your car and can protect your baby best.


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