Pregnancy Week 29

Can you imagine that about 24 weeks ago; you found out you were going to be a mother? It's true; but what's even more amazing is that by the time you've entered pregnancy week 29, your once tiny embryo has morphed into a 15-inch-long, 2.5-pound tiny version of you – complete with eyes that open, lungs that are practicing to breathe daily and a brain that is developing quicker than you can possibly fathom. You're in the final stretch of your pregnancy but there is still a lot of growing to expect.

It's hard for many future mommies to process the reality that they have a tiny version of themselves that will double its weight over the next six weeks living inside their womb. However, this is the reality of pregnancy week 29. You and your baby have done an amazing job coexisting and maturing together. When you eat spicy foods – he or she usually will get hiccups. When they decide to roll around and play at 2am – you most likely wake up. The mother and child are truly symbiotic at this point in the pregnancy; each of them depending on the other for assurance and support. You have come a long way mom – so take a few minute to pat yourself on the back; you're almost to the finish line and the beginning of an entirely new race.

Baby’s Development

Week 29 is another typical week in the growth and development of your baby. For the past two months, baby has been pretty much developed – with each passing day adding more weight, strength, and function of all body parts. Specifically speaking, your baby is most likely about 15 inches (from the crown of their head to their heel) and will weigh between 2.5 to three pounds. Their eyes are open while they are awake and close while they sleep. The baby is beginning to become more aware of their existence and learning how to use their hands, move their feet and even wiggle their toes.

The baby is also entering a time of growth spurt – where they will literally double their weight typically before the 36th week. From week 36 to 37 is the typical birthing window where most natural birth deliveries occur; so the next few weeks of growth and continued development of the lungs, brain and digestive system are very critical for baby's overall health.

Mother’s Development

By the time you've reached the 29th week of pregnancy – it's quite possible that you'll be counting the seconds until delivery. Before you ask the inevitable question of "how can I expect to feel during this week of pregnancy" understand this reality – each person's body is unique. Some people will feel wonderful, (well maybe not fantastic, but you get the point); while other mommies will struggle each day to get out of bed. It's also during the final trimester that some women experience problems with their pregnancy and are placed on bed rest or restrictive duty.

Something that all future mothers in week 29 have in common though is the need to have a support team and birth package ready to roll when baby decides it's time to arrive. This could happen any moment from now until week 37; so make sure you are prepared for the unexpected from this point forward.

Fun Facts

In today's business world, most pregnant women have jobs in the workplace. During pregnancy week 29 they might be in the final countdown to maternity leave or considering to carry-on and work right up till the moment they are ready to deliver. This will depend greatly on the type of work the mother does and workplace / insurance coverage for maternity leave. However, here is a good tip that most women who have had babies in the past would pass along to new mothers – don't attempt to be Superwoman. Your comfort during the last few weeks is very important to your baby and to having a normal and smooth delivery.


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