Pregnancy Week 32

Do you remember the first time you had a dream? Believe it or not, by the time pregnancy week 32 arrives, it's quite possible that your new baby is experiencing their first dream. This new creation has grown from a microscopic group of cells to a living and breathing miniature you in less than 8 months. You're in the final trimester of your pregnancy and are most likely wanting to be done as soon as possible – but there are a few important steps that need to be taken till baby is ready to arrive.

As the 32nd week of your pregnancy approaches, you and baby are coexisting at a level you may have never expected. Everything you eat – your baby can taste. Every heartbeat, burp, hiccup and sudden movement – you can feel. This growing baby is now roughly four pounds, over 16.5 inches long. They are developing strong bones, and muscles – so they can be prepared for life outside of the womb. Their lung function is also improving. In fact, if there were to be born today, they might need some help with breathing through specialized care for premature babies, but they'd most likely be just fine.

Baby’s Development

Fingernails ladies – we all have them and often take pride in taking care of them. Can you believe that by week 32, your baby is starting to grow fingernails? It's true – in fact, it's very common that when babies are first born, they need to have a minor manicure. The skin of your baby is now very soft and smooth – while their body continues to develop fat. This fat will help the skin develop pigment. The baby is active – and can be very active during week 32; as they are most likely in the exit-the-womb position.

While they rest – and they will typically rest when you do; they can dream. Scientific discoveries have indicated that a baby can dream and develop similar sleeping patterns as their mothers by week 32. While the baby is awake however, they are very busy practicing breathing, swallowing, sucking and of course – what you feel often; kicking.

Mother’s Development

Although you might feel like a stuffed turkey by week 32; that popped out belly button does not mean you're ready to serve. During the last 8 weeks of gestation, most mothers experience a rapid growth of that lovely baby bump. As your belly expands, it's very common for the belly button to pop outward. Don't be frightened mom – that will return to normal shortly after baby arrives.

The dreaded heartburn and digestive issues might intensify each week as you get closer to delivery. This is simply due to the reality that everything inside your belly is really tight fitting. The closer you come to delivery – the worse these symptoms might be. There are multiple remedies to help with those pesky digestive issues that your doctor can offer you.

Fun Facts

Some women find themselves being really bored in the last trimester – as they are asked by doctors to take it easy and rest. So – what should you do to stay busy or less frustrated? Many experts think that reading and working on puzzles is a great way to keep your brain active; while others suggest taking up hobbies involving your hands – such as knitting or needlepoint. Why not be creative here and perhaps take up a few trips to the local swimming hole? Swimming – light swimming here ladies; not Olympic relays; has been shown to be very good for expectant mothers. Not only does it help keep those muscles active and relaxed, but it's fun as well. As with everything at pregnancy week 32; check with your doctor to see what type of restrictions they suggest.


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