Pregnancy Week 33

The wait is almost over as you and baby enters pregnancy week 33. It's very common for soon to be mothers to become impatient about the delivery of their new baby. However, the average gestation period for women is 37 weeks – which means that there are seven left to endure. By this time, your baby is plugging along just fine; adding strength to bones, layers of important baby fat and preparing themselves for their entrance to a whole new world.

The 33rd week of pregnancy is a time filled with expectations – both good and potentially stressful. Pregnant mommies have dealt with multiple issues – from morning sickness in the first trimester to constant back and tummy troubles that can play havoc on even the strongest woman's confidence. However, during this entire term, a once, microscopic life has blossomed into a fully developed little baby, with its eyes open, arms and legs moving and even possessing the capability to dream while they sleep. Week 33 is a great opportunity to take a step back and consider how far both of you have come since your first visit to the doctor to confirm your pregnancy. You are both about to enter a new phase of life – so rest up; you're going to need it mommy.

Baby’s Development

This baby that currently dwells inside your womb is really starting to grow quickly. Each week they add about ½ of a pound and by week 33 should weigh slightly more than four pounds and measure about 17 inches long. They most likely have a (relative) full head of hair; have made a 180-degree turn and are facing down towards the birth canal and have their legs folded neatly into their chest – just waiting for Mother Nature to give your body the sign.

Your baby has continued to develop stronger bones each week – pumping out red blood cells – which also helps to improve their fragile immune system. Although their bones are getting stronger, some of them (like the skull) will remain soft to help reduce the potential of breaking during delivery.

Mother’s Development

Soon-to-be-mommies should take it easy from week 33 till the D-day approaches. A simple fact that we should all remember is that the more pregnant we are, the clumsier we can become. This means we are more likely to have a slip or fall each week our baby-bump increases its side simply due to physics. Taking time to rest and relax those feet in an elevated position can help reduce swelling in the ankles and feet as well as reducing some stress from your lower back and tummy.

It's also a smart idea to take more naps when you can. The next few weeks are going to be a rollercoaster ride of hormones, emotions, frustration and some discomfort. So get some rest while you can; as your body and baby need you at your best.

Fun Facts

Although it hasn't been scientifically proven – for many pregnant ladies entering their 33rd week of pregnancy become convinced that chocolate and sweets can solve any crisis. There is a reason for this theory that might actually have some substance. During the later stages of pregnancy, your body is absorbing a lot of toxins - as is your baby. One of the side effects is that the mother's blood sugar can swing from very high to very low.

Chocolate is straight carbohydrates – which break down into sugars. When you feel tired and need a quick fix; a small (notice we said small here) dose of chocolate should raise your blood sugar and make your 'feel better'. However, it can also cause your blood sugar to rise quickly – which can also trigger a 'crash' and make you more tired. A good solution to this problem is to eat snacks that are high in iron and protein – as those proteins will help break down those complex carbohydrates and keep your blood sugar consistent.


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