Pregnancy Week 34

Heading down the stretch of your pregnancy and we're certain that you simply can't wait until baby arrives. As you enter pregnancy week 34, the baby is continuing to pack on the pounds and develop stronger use of their lungs – which makes early delivery of the baby from this point forward a much easier proposition. Your body is undergoing a lot of stress, so getting plenty of rest and eating a good diet will only help you and your baby feel better as the magic day draws near.

Can you believe that your baby is due in less than six weeks? Once you hit the 34th week of pregnancy, it's quite possible that you'll be counting down the seconds till you feel that pressure against your bladder, your water breaks and tell your partner that 'it's time to go now'. However, your baby might have other thoughts in mind. Although baby is doing great and is pretty much fully developed, their tiny lungs still could use some extra time to prepare for that first deep breath and that recognizable first cry. If you were to have the baby this week, they would most likely be kept in a special delivery ward for a while – until their lungs and all other bodily functions are fully capable.

Baby’s Development

Baby is doing fine and rapidly growing inside you at a rate of half-a-pound per week and growing half an inch as well. At the 34th week of pregnancy the baby is most likely approaching 18 inches long and five pounds heavy. Most babies are born between 19 inches and 21 inches long and typically weigh 7 to 8 pounds at full term. During this 34th week, the baby will have already made the move from the upper side of your womb to lower downtown, facing south and waiting for the magic sign to enter the birth canal.

They have developed a nice, smooth skin, are still active inside the womb, but since they are growing, space is quickly disappearing. Your baby will continue to be active; and since a lot of the amniotic fluid is slowing vanishing, those sudden movements can be sudden and shocking to you.

Mother’s Development

New mommies will typically have another baby check-up in week 34 by their OB or nurse. During this visit they'll start to check your pelvis for any signs of dilation of the cervix. It's not uncommon that women will start to dilate in week 34. Braxton Hicks contractions are more common in this week of pregnancy and can trigger false alarms to new mothers.

During this doctor visit, it's also common that you'll be checked for any signs of pre-eclampsia which is typically shown by increased swelling of the ankles, face and hands during this stage of the pregnancy. It's also a good idea to tell your doctor is you're suffering blurred vision or aggressive and consistent headaches.

Fun Facts

It's week 34 of your pregnancy and you might wonder is there anything I've forgotten to do? Can I be any more prepared? The truth is that there is always something that typically gets missed. Hopefully you're reading this the week you found out you are pregnant or during the early stages of pregnancy. If so, start planning a lot of these helpful hints as early as possible. The last few weeks of your pregnancy are much easier to deal with when you've got all the major details covered and have time to relax. Being proactive about planning the birth of your baby is always the best course of action.


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