Pregnancy Week 35

At pregnancy week 35 – your baby is darn near ready to enter the new world. She or he have fully developed internal organs – although the lungs just need a little bit more time to practice breathing that we all take for granted. Remember, everybody has the right to breathe; but babies need to learn how to do this while in the protective womb. You are very much ready for this baby to be born most likely and have probably ran out of productive things to do by now. It's time to relax and prepare for the big day mommy.

More often than not, women who become pregnant for the first time typically over-estimate or over plan each step of their pregnancy. You know what – that's totally fine! When it comes to the protection of you and your baby; you can never be over prepared. Every detail should be checked; from the location of your delivery, to who is responsible for packing the suitcase, travel bags and getting your ice chips. During pregnancy week 35, your baby is continuing to grow – still at the rate of ½ pound every week and ½ inch as well. They are in the birthing position and ready for the signal to head into the birth canal.

Baby’s Development

The development of your baby has entered fine-tuning mode in week 35. You've done all you can to keep baby safe by eating good, staying physically active as possible and being safe. Baby is helping you out too mom – by continuing to depend on you for nutrients, protein and carbohydrates so they can continue to grow. At week 35, the baby is most likely going to weigh 5.25 pounds and measure 18.5 inches long from head to their tiny little toes.

Your new baby has also already developed their sexual organs and little girls have already begun to create eggs. Little boys have their 'bits and pieces' in the right spots as well. It's amazing that a baby that hasn't even been born yet is taking on such huge responsibility – huh? They still have five weeks to go until they are considered full term, but if they had an inclination of being born early, they should be good to go at this point – but would be monitored closely for respiratory health.

Mother’s Development

It's estimated by the US Department of Health that only 6 percent of babies are born on the actual due date. It's due to this fact that many mothers might assume that every minor push or sudden sharp pain might be the indication that their baby is ready to be born in week 35. Hold your horse's ladies – it's very uncommon for babies to be born during this week; so you're going to have to be a little patient. As they say, good things come to those that wait.

Back to reality for a minute – you're not going to feel wonderful at week 35 of your pregnancy. Yes, your feet are still going to hurt as will your back and tummy area. However, the finish line is approaching sooner than you'd think. Take this time to relax, get plenty of rest and don't forget to continue eating when you are hungry. That's your baby that needs some nutrition so they can increase their current 15% body fat to the expected 30% body fat they should achieve upon birth.

Fun Facts

When baby arrives and you've recovered from delivery and need to head to work – who is going to care for the baby? This is an all too common issue that most new parents tend to forget. Although week 35 might be considered a bit too late to plan, the reality is that the sooner you can find a qualified baby sitter, nanny or caregiver; conduct the appropriate background checks and interview them – the better off you'll be. One great idea is to have this all settled up before your 35th week of pregnancy. If so, why not invite them over for some cookies – so you can meet them and get to know the person that you'll count on to care of your infant while you are away.


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