Baby Sleep Myths – Busted!

Can’t put your baby to sleep? You’re not alone. Getting a newborn to sleep peacefully at night is one of life’s biggest struggles. It’s every parent’s goal. Unfortunately, not too many succeed at it.

To make matters worse, there are tons of sleep strategies for babies, which are not true. In order to separate fact from fiction, we have enlisted most common myths about babies' nighttime habits:

#1 Feedyour baby cereal before bedtime

A majority of parents give their babies cereal before bedtime to avoid night feedings. They believe that this will help their child sleep better. However, there is no evidence to back this up.

In fact, The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend feeding babies solid foods before 4-6 months as it can cause obesity. For the first 6 months, stick to breast milk or formula. Don’t feed your infant cereal at night to improve their sleeping schedule. If you want to introduce your child to solids, always spoon-feed it. A baby might choke on solids through a bottle.

#2 Use crib bumpers for protection

Contrary to popular belief, using a crib bumper is risky for your baby. Although it may seem that crib bumpers provide protection to infants, there have been a large number of crib bumper-related accidents. A baby may get tangled in a bumper and suffocate. So we are not opposed to throwing away the bumper from the crib.

#3: Keep the nursery’s completely quiet when your baby is sleeping

A newborn can sleep with low background sound. A fair amount of noise is comforting and relaxing to their ears. Babies are used to noises they hear when they are in the womb.

So, you can put on soft music to make them fall asleep. But, make sure it isn’t too loud.

#4: Never wake a sleeping baby

Even though you would not want to disturb your bundle of joy’s sleep, it’s important to feed them every two to three hours in the first few weeks. Wake them up for night feedings.

Once your child has regained their birth weight, you can stop. However, make sure you are feeding them often during the day.

#5: A late bedtime will prevent your baby from waking early

Unfortunately, this strategy won’t work. If your baby is an early riser, you can’t change their internal clock by forcing them to sleep late at night. Moreover, keeping your baby up late at night will exhaust them. As a result, they won’t feel fresh the next morning.

Try to put your child to bed at least 30 minutes earlier than their usual sleeping time. They will take some time to fall asleep.

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