First Day of Daycare

Your little one is ready for a huge milestone, their first day of daycare!  As a parent, you are likely mixed with emotions and asking a lot of “what if” questions in your head.  Below are some tips to make your little one’s first day of daycare as stress free as possible:


  • Acclimate your Little One in a Group Setting at the Local Library. Take your child to your local library’s story hour so s/he can practice listening to someone else read and give directions.  Encourage your child to play with other children while you watch them from the sidelines.  When your child gets used to library time, they will likely have an easier time transitioning into daycare because they have the confidence to play with other children.


  • Practice Independence. Your toddler will have a much easier time acclimating to daycare if they are able to eat independently and do things themselves.  Encouraging independence will increase their creativity and boost cognitive function.  The more a toddler spends trying to fiture things out themselves, the better patience and problem-solving skills they will have later in life. 


  • Bring an item that makes them feel comfortable. Your child loves a favorite blanket or a stuffed animal?  Bring it along to daycare to help them feel more comfortable.  Better yet, have your toddler explain to you why their comfort item makes him/her feel comfortable.  They can practice explaining storytelling to their teacher and other kids in the class!


It’s never easy having your little one get used to a completely new environment.  Be sure to be patient with your little one and reward them for good behavior. 


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