Going on a Road Trip!

             Your family has planned a vacation and the day finally arrives to take a road trip!  As much as you plan ahead, always plan for the unexpected.  When you are traveling with your little one, be sure s/he is fitting snug in the carseat and properly buckled up.  It is important to remember that when your little one is next to a window during summertime, the carseat can warm up quite fast and cause your baby to start feeling hot.  Be sure you keep the A/C on in the car at a comfortable temperature and check their backs every so often to make sure they are not sweating and uncomfortable.  It is sometimes very difficult for them to express this uncomfortability and it is also very difficult to determine why your baby might be crying if they are feeling hot. 

              Babies often times sleep well in the car as its moving.  In order for them to feel most comfortable so they have a good rest in the car, try to give a nice warm bath with your little one before going on the trip.  Give a nice, soothing bath using Baby Mantra’s Shampoo & Body Wash (partnered with Conditioner) followed by Calming Massage Oil.  Baby Mantra’s Calming Massage Oil, in particular, will soothe and relax your baby’s skin, leaving it soft and supple.  Throughout the trip, be sure to apply Baby Mantra's Calming Lotion in the event that you drive through dry, colder locations.

Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and also use this time to bond well with your little one as they visit the great outdoors and join you on their very first, memorable road trip!  This is also a great article which provides tips for going on a road trip with your little one.

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