How to take care of Pregnancy hair!

Pregnancy brings lots of changes to a woman’s body, some changes are drastic and some changes are temporary. One of the most common changes women experience during pregnancy is hair loss. Women’s body goes through lots of hormonal changes during pregnancy which results in dry and frizzy hair. In some cases severe hair loss.  That is why it is essential to take care of your hair.


Here are some awesome tips which will help you keep your hair healthy and shiny during pregnancy:


1)      Its extremely important to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Your body needs more nutritions during pregnancy. Eating healthy diet during pregnancy is very important for you and your baby, but it's extremely important to take care of your hair as well.  You can add more hair friendly foods to your daily diet. Insufficient vitamins and proteins can lead to hair loss.


2)      Using coconut oil on hair and massaging scalp is very important.

Coconut Oil works magic on dry hair and doing regular massages can help you relax and reduces stress. Also Aloe Vera gel is known to cool scalp.


3)      Combing hair on regular basis.

Combing hair is very important, you cannot avoid combing hair because its frizzy and dry. Combing helps regulate blood circulation in the scalp but make sure not to over brush it either. Use milder shampoo & conditioner.


4)       Be very careful about what kind of hair treatment you use.

   There are so many chemicals in hair treatment products out there, so try to use natural and chemical free colors/dyes during pregnancy.


  5)  Egg, Yogurt and Olive Oil hair mask.

    In a bowl, mix egg yolk, yogurt and Olive Oil to make a paste and apply to hair once a week as a conditioner.  See how healthy and shiny your hair can be!!


   Remember you cannot control hair loss overnight, it is part of pregnancy cycle. It takes some time for your hair to come back to normal post  delivery! 


   Stay Tuned for our next blog!!

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