Tips For Balancing Work & Motherhood

Advice On Balancing Work & Motherhood

More moms today are in the workforce than ever before. In fact, says that women make up half of the current number of workers in the United States. Nearly 4 out of 10 households have a mother who’s also a working mom. Sometimes, those moms’ have a hard time juggling work life and home life. If you’re a mother who is wondering how to balance work and being a mom, we have some tips to make integration of the 2 facets of your life easier.

Say “No” to Guilt 

If you’ve chosen to work, then you need to say “no” to any feelings of guilt that crop up when you get ready to go to work or are at work. And, you need to let go of the guilt when you speak about your job to friends, family members, and coworkers. Coming to terms with your decision to be in the workforce, for whatever reason you’ve chosen to work, can ease stress for you and for your family when you’re off the job.

Seek Out Good Childcare

Before you head to work after baby, make sure you have a good source of childcare lined up. Consider asking friends and family members for referrals for babysitters, nannies, or childcare centers. Inquire about any day care facilities your employer might have on the premises. When you feel comfortable with where your baby’s at while you’re working, you can fully focus on work and feel confident with your choice to be at work. 

Make Mornings Streamlined

Working moms often have busy mornings including getting themselves ready for work, and getting baby prepared for daycare or the nanny. It makes morning easier when you plan out your routine the night before. Set clothes for everyone where they’re ready to slip into. Think about having healthy breakfasts and lunches already packed, and establish a system for getting everyone showered and bathed in a manner that’s streamlined and systematic. Place diaper bags and briefcases near the door, ready to pick up on the way out. 

How to Balance Work and Being a Mom: It’s Going to Take Practice

In addition to these tips, you can answer the question “How to balance work and being a mom?” by creating a family calendar to keep track of events and tasks for everyone. Perhaps the most valuable tip we can give you for how to balance work and being a mom, is to realize that getting organized and staying organized takes practice. For instance, one day you might forget to pack the baby ointment for diaper rash so your nanny has all of baby’s essentials. It’s okay. There’s always tomorrow to try again, and baby will be just fine.

Baby Mantra does want to help make it easier for you to balance work and being a mom, though. So, we provide you with the best natural baby care products at affordable prices. Consider keeping a stock of shea butter baby lotion and other products at home, and then sending some with your nanny or babysitter. Through it all, remember to stay calm and enjoy life as much as you can.

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