Traveling With A Baby On A Plane: What To Expect

How To Prepare For Bringing Your Baby On A Plane

If you have an upcoming flight planned with your baby and are wondering what to expect, you can ease your mind by familiarizing yourself with some recommendations for safe travel with baby. Many new moms and dads who don’t know what to expect when traveling with a baby can feel stressed before a flight. That’s not a good feeling to have before a family trip. Preparation should be fun, so allow it to be with these tips for flying on a plane with an infant. Here you will find some suggestions based on other parents experiences.

Politeness Will Get You Far

It probably won’t surprise you that many people dread getting a seat on a plane that’s by a baby. They don’t want to hear crying or constant chatter, and they often get upset with little ones who innocently kick their seat or have to keep getting up for bathroom trips. As a parent of a baby on board a plane, politely excuse yourself and your infant when inconveniences happen. You know they usually can’t be helped, but your fellow passengers might need some gentle reminders that you’re doing everything you can to make things pleasant for all. Politeness works wonders when solving airplane challenges.

You May or May Not Get Your Ideal Seat

If you can pick your seat ahead of time, do it. It helps to position you and your family in just the right place for easy bathroom breaks and frequent walks. Sometimes, however, you can’t pick your seat ahead of time. If this is your situation, head straight to the check-in desk when you arrive at the airport and ask to choose a baby-friendly location. And, remember that parents and kids get priority boarding with most airlines, so you can go straight to the front of the line and settle yourself on the plane before passengers without kids.

Most Airlines Charge Exorbitantly for Bags

Whether you have checked bags or carry-on bags, most airlines today will charge you exorbitantly for your luggage. So, it’s best to pack light and leave everything you won’t absolutely need at home. With the fees associated with checked-in and carry-on luggage, some parents find it cheaper to purchase some things they’ll need for baby when they arrive in their destination. Of course, you will need to get those items back home, or consume them, or donate them.

What to Expect When Traveling With a Baby: Everything and Anything

For parents wondering what to expect when traveling with baby, it’s important to remember to check with the airline and see if baby must be placed in an approved car seat while traveling. Understand that any drinks you might want onboard for baby, such as water or juice, may cost you much more than you’d pay at the grocery store before you leave or even at the airport gift shop. Also, parents will want to give little ones something to suck on to relieve ear pressure. And, keeping a container of baby rash ointment nearby is a good idea. Baby Mantra makes a great baby rash ointment that you can take on your plane trip with baby. We provide parents with the best baby skin care products, including a safe baby shampoo, that can be squeezed into TSA-approved small bottles for use on airplanes. You can check out Baby Mantra’s range of baby skin care products in our online shop.

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