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Planning for Baby: Strollers and Beyond pt.2 

Knowing what is safe for your baby is so important, this is why we created a part 2 of our series. Here we will discuss more about baby essentials, as well as more safety information.   Baby Essentials Bottles Putting breastmilk in your baby's bottle should always be the first...

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Planning for Baby: Strollers and Beyond pt.1

From cribs and diapers to car seats and strollers - here is your list of all of the different things baby needs. We have also included some important safety information too! Baby Needs Car Seats This is one of the most important purchases you will make, not only because your main...

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Finding Courage: Awaiting the BIG day

It’s easy to feel scared as the big day approaches. Bringing a baby into the world is life changing. Feeling the pressures of this can sometimes weigh in, leaving us feeling less than courageous. Don’t worry, finding courage can be just a few kind words away. Finding Courage So, here...

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Calming Unsettled Nerves: Talking it Out

Leading up to the arrival of a new baby can sometimes bring with it certain stressors or rattled nerves. Some fears lead to arguing or silence. Calming unsettled nerves relies on talking with your spouse to uproot the underlying causes. Calming Unsettled Nerves Whether it is your wife, your husband, or...

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Soothing Sounds: In the Womb and Beyond

Around the 19th weeks of pregnancy, your baby's brain begins to appropriate areas for touch, taste, vision - and one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy - hearing. With the development of hearing, you are able to sing to and talk to your baby knowing they can hear your...

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