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Toddler Incoming! Baby Proofing Your House

Toddlers laugh and toddle about, enjoying everything they get into. But, that is also the problem. Baby proofing your house is essential as your baby grows and grows. Toddler Proofing Once your baby has conquered the feat of walking, his whole world changes and becomes new, seeing things on a...

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Baby's First Routine

Getting your children on a set routine can sometimes be a difficult task. This is why starting from the beginning is never a bad idea. Baby’s first routine can be simple, of course, but starts them off on the right track. First Routines When you first bring your new baby...

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Knowing Your Limits: Advice for New Moms

Pregnancy means big changes. Not just when the baby is born, but during pregnancy, as well. Knowing Your Limits Knowing your limits as a new mommy is not admitting weakness. It is accepting the fact that your body is going through major changes. There are so many changes happening within...

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Family Training: Preparing Pets for the New Arrival

Bringing home a brand new baby is one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have in your entire life. However, you may not be the only person who gets to experience this life-defining moment. If you have loving, faithful pets, you may want to get them prepared for...

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Baby Bath Time: By the Numbers

Baby bath time can be a fun and exciting experience for both baby and parents. But for most, especially first time parents, newborn bath time can be the most terrifying experience in the world! Don’t panic, however, just follow some basic steps and principles – and you will do just...

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