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Pregnancy Week 40

The magic of pregnancy week 40 has come. If you're not in the delivery room soon, your doctor may recommend an induction of your delivery. The first thing you need to remember is that this is simply nature running its course. At this time however, it's more critical than ever...

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Pregnancy Week 39

The finish line is quickly approaching as pregnancy week 39 appears. You and your partner – as well as family members are most likely getting the famous 'butterflies' as your first child is about to be born. Your baby is still continuing to add on some extra layers of baby...

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Pregnancy Week 38

As pregnancy week 38 arrives you might be asking yourself; 'why hasn't my baby arrived yet' or a myriad of other questions about the delivery of your baby. One major thing to remember is that although full term is considered to have been met one week ago, your baby still...

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Pregnancy Week 37

Get prepared to be surprised; this is pregnancy week 37, which is considered to be the starting point of a full term pregnancy. By the time you've reached this monumental occasion, your baby should be fully developed and ready to enter our world at any time. Your body is more...

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Pregnancy Week 36

As pregnancy week 36 approaches your baby will be in prime placement to enter their new world. Over the past few weeks, new baby has moved further down the pelvis and is ready and probably just as eager to meet you as you are to meet them. However, this baby...

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