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Pregnancy Week 35

At pregnancy week 35 – your baby is darn near ready to enter the new world. She or he have fully developed internal organs – although the lungs just need a little bit more time to practice breathing that we all take for granted. Remember, everybody has the right to...

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Pregnancy Week 34

Heading down the stretch of your pregnancy and we're certain that you simply can't wait until baby arrives. As you enter pregnancy week 34, the baby is continuing to pack on the pounds and develop stronger use of their lungs – which makes early delivery of the baby from this...

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Pregnancy Week 33

The wait is almost over as you and baby enters pregnancy week 33. It's very common for soon to be mothers to become impatient about the delivery of their new baby. However, the average gestation period for women is 37 weeks – which means that there are seven left to...

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Pregnancy Week 32

Do you remember the first time you had a dream? Believe it or not, by the time pregnancy week 32 arrives, it's quite possible that your new baby is experiencing their first dream. This new creation has grown from a microscopic group of cells to a living and breathing miniature...

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Pregnancy Week 31

Another week of pregnancy in the books, and your new baby is quickly preparing for his or her actual birthday. By the time you reach pregnancy week 31, you'll have a 16 inch, 3.3-pound baby living inside your womb. This baby is starting to turn in preparation for a head-first...

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