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Fun Valentine's Day Treats For Kids

Celebrating the day of love is something even little ones can enjoy. Whether you are a part of a mommy group, your child is in school, or you just want to spread the love with family and friends, they are some fun Valentine's Day treats for kids for you to...

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Building Baby's First Library: 5 Must-Have Books

One of the best ways to spend time with your little one is reading. Children learn to read and write and even speak through the use of books. Reading to your child helps stimulate their brain and introduces them to new words every day. Our top five best baby books...

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5 Myths About Exercising When Pregnant

There once was a time when women were urged to refrain from physical activity during pregnancy. Luckily, many medical and fitness experts have spent time studying exercise during pregnancy, and it has been found that there are many benefits for women and their unborn child. However, there are a lot...

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Tips For Balancing Work & Motherhood

More moms today are in the workforce than ever before. In fact, says that women make up half of the current number of workers in the United States. Nearly 4 out of 10 households have a mother who’s also a working mom. Sometimes, those moms’ have a hard time...

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Teaching Your Child A Second Language

Many parents want to teach their children how to speak another language. Sometimes, it’s because they want the child to know how to communicate within multiple family cultures. Other times, they have the desire to help their children get an advantage in the world. If you’ve been thinking about how...

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