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The Benefits of Using Sunflower Seed Oil

The numerous advantages of using sunflower seed oil include culinary uses, cosmetic use, and aroma therapy. Great for mommy and baby, because it is so safe to use – all natural! The Benefits of Using Sunflower Seed Oil Sunflower seed oil is made by pressing the seeds of the sunflower,...

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The Benefits of Using Mango Butter

Have you been wondering if the benefits of using mango butter are all hype? We see so many blogs and infographics each day that it is hard to tell what is real. I’ve got good news; mango butter is as amazing as you have heard. In this article we are...

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The Benefits of Using Apricot Oil

As moms, we want to do everything we can to make our babies happy and healthy, right? With different remedies and suggestions flying around on blogs, newspapers, and other information hubs, it can be confusing at times. In this article we will talk about the benefits of using apricot oil...

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The Benefits of Using Shea Butter

Shea Butter is one of the most versatile, beneficial, and most nourishing extracts you can find out there. When you are pregnant, you need to pay special attention to what body/hair care products you use. It is also great for baby! Pregnancy means major changes and hormonal imbalances, which translates...

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The Benefits of Using Lavender

Lavender extract is one of the purest, most soothing and mentally stimulating plants. During pregnancy, you should really stay away from irritating scents of strong perfumes and soaps or creams that can cause irritations. However, pure lavender oil extract has a wide range of uses and it is extremely beneficial...

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